Spider-man/Deadpool #3


isn’t it Bromantic Part 3

cover 3

Writer: Joe Kelly

Artist: Ed McGuiness

Inker: Mark Morales

Colourist: Jason Keith

Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino


Well since last issue Deadpool has literally become a household name. Spidey must have enjoyed the movie because in this issue he has decided to spend the day with Deadpool to see if he has really changed to the side of the angels …

First some house keeping from Issue 2. 1) I pondered how the sales this book would go, and while it didn’t remain the superior spider-man title on the charts, it was still a great seller at 12th spot on the Diamond chart . (other Note-able books are Spider-man 1# (at 4th ) , Deadpool Mercs for Money 1# (at 5th), Deadpool 7# (at 6th) and Amazing Spider-man 7&8# (at 9th & 11Th )). 1/3 the top 15 comics being Spider-man/Deadpool it does seem weird this book came out toward the bottom of the 15. My guess is it’s the sophomore slump of comics. 2# issues are often ordered a lot less than 1#’s. Depending on when comic stores got their orders in for 3# and also impact of the Deadpool movie it will be interesting to see if we see a return to the top ten in the coming charts.

2) I pondered last issue about the identity of Mysterio. There was a hint to it being Quentin Beck but nothing confirmed. Well this issue Joe kicks it off the issue by hammering home “This is Quentin Beck!”.



Well it’s a pretty basic one. Deadpool tries to kill Peter Parker but is halted as spider-man appears (Hobie Brown). Peter Suggests spider-man spends some time with Deadpool to see how he is going with his heroic change. After failed attempts to impress Spider-man, Deadpool shows him the ‘Merc’s for money’ business. While Fighting Styx and Stone Spider-man is not too impressed to learn that the people they are protecting are a Drug cartel. Deadpool explains that to him these people are just trying to survive in the third world. Spider-man and Deadpool defeat the villains and return home to visit … Ellie (aka Deadpool’s daughter). Moved by watching Dadpool , Peter considers people can change for good given the push and looks into getting the Ben foundation into Narco controlled areas.

Pool Adams

Pool Adams

Plot Discussion.

Starting the issue is Peter standing over Becks wrecked body hitting on the Doctor. To be honest I’m not sure how I feel about this. Peter hitting on a random girl with confidence bragging about his tech. I’m sure there are other accounts of this in the 50+ years of Spidey but it still feels odd to me. However considering Peter Parkers new status quo, I don’t feel as I can say this is written against character. Deadpool showing up and the doctor’s marriage status stops it from going any further.

This is where the issue takes the “real spider-man please stand up” turn as Hobie dressed as Spidey shows up and Peter suggests he should spend time with Deadpool. At this point I thought it was Hobie going on an adventure with Deadpool till a dropped line elsewhere in the issue.

Spider-man installs a lie detector spider-tracer to make sure Deadpool is informing him of the truth as he looks at his life. Spidey having a lie detector is interesting but I imagine it will lead to a lot of “why doesn’t he just use the lie detector ‘ in future situations. The lie detector Shocks Deadpool when he does lie so things don’t got to well (think Cartman in the South Park movie) . After an unexplained situation involving a failed children’s charity and a burning amusement park Deadpool introduces Spider-man to his new team ‘The Merc’s for Money’. Old Spidey alumni Solo, Terror , Foolkiller, Slapstick and Massacre. The Mercs are on a mission to Bolivia to protect villagers, later revealed to be drug manufactures, from the Entropy cult lead by McFarlane era villains Styx and Stone. Spidey mentions running in to these guys before which was the only clue I picked up on that this was Peter under the mask and not Hobie.


After the trip to Bolivia the heart of the issue comes with Deadpool introducing Peter to Ellie his daughter. For those that don’t follow Deadpool regularly, this isn’t a trick (remember lie detector), this is a fairly recent reveal in the Marvel Now Deadpool series. This felt like a real honest moment for Spidey coming around on Deadpool. I do like that Peter has been going on a journey to understanding Deadpool from where we where even two issues ago. I enjoy seeing Peter progress even in small ways. It turns out Deadpool has been telling Ellie all about Spidey. While Peter is thrown at first meeting Ellie being called “uncle” by her really hits Peter hard. I LOVE this moment, worked for the story while hitting the emotional core of both characters. This page alone is worth the price of admission.


It may seem like its going a bit fluffy, but I do like peter is looking to help those in Bolivia escape the drug life. It parallels his journey with Deadpool in this issue nicely. Meanwhile we find out Deadpool’s reasoning for hanging with Spider-man in Bolivia was to learn his fighting style so he can kill Parker. Upon working out he can’t get the upper hand on Peter with Spidey around Deadpool thinks his friendship with Spidey will be the best way to get close and kill Parker. I can foresee almost a flip in the situation soon where Peter really befriends Wade but Wade turns on Spidey for the sake of the job. Let’s be honest this job will blow up in Pool’s face cause there no way Patient Zero is a good guy.



Art here is wonderful. This might be Ed’s best work on the series yet.

Odd story telling elements make this issue sing. Applying inner head portraits with retro art to reveal true identities (Peter being Spider-man and Deadpool being Deadpool). Using a selfie for a Panel. The Spidey head view for when Spidey is interviewing the Merc’s is very economical for word balloons. It’s really hard to discuss in the written form but aside from Ed’s beautiful images it’s his sequential storytelling here that proves why he is one of the masters of the craft. Big credit goes to the colourists here for bringing out Ed’s work. Seriously go check out the sad clown make up on Deadpool in the first scene, gorgeous.

but yellow wordballons will never hurt me.

but yellow wordballons will never hurt me.


This wasn’t a huge epic issue. It was a nice breather. Since it is crawlspace I am focussing more on the Spidey side of things and he was in the passenger seat for most of this issue (literally in the Pool Buggy for one scene). If I were writing about Deadpool I would have more to add but 3# is another great issue in what as been a awesome comic run. Even if I weren’t reviewing this title it would be top of my stack the week it comes out.


Rating B+


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(2) Comments

  1. Chase The Blues Away

    I agree - I thought the first issue suffered from trying too hard frat boy humor, but this issue really worked for me (aside from Peter hitting on the doctor which came across as douchey, but then this a Slottered Mephistoverse Pete so, eh). The scenes with Ellie were worth the price of the comic alone. And who else is wondering about the use of "Traveller" in the last panel?

  2. Shaun Martineau

    Aside from the quips, this issue really worked for me. I love Ellie as an addition to Deadpool's story, as it allows Duggan to give a lot of emotional depth to a very un-nuanced character. And Kelly does the same here. There's a nice sense of tenseness to the scenes where Peter and Deadpool interact and I'm really curious to see how this story plays out. It'd be nice to see the titular duo develop as friends to a point that Peter unmasks for him, but I don't see that coming any time soon.

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