Captain America: Civil War Trailer – MCU Spidey Revealed!

The new Captain America: Civil War trailer is out. Yesterday rumors started to fly that this would be a Spiderific trailer, complete with our first look at Tom Holland & Marvel Studios’ take on Spider-Man.

UPDATE: The trailer’s out. Behold your MCU Spider-Man! Let us know what you think in the comments section.
UPDATE #2: The picture below is now embiggenable? Blowupable? Click to enlarge. WordPress used to do that automatically but I guess those wondrous days are over.





Captain America: Civil War is set to hit U.S. movie screens on May 6th.

George “Feeling Better!” Berryman!

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(46) Comments

  1. Justin Parris

    Been extremely busy with my new baby daughter, just now saw this.Pro- Spider-Man is the guy to call when you're tired of things and want to solve the problemCon- Really not confident on that voice, and I have concerns with Spider-Man being introduced in a movie designed to make Cap and Iron Man look good.

  2. JRT!

    Looks ok ,I guess. Can't really judge It just yet,and one line of Hey Everyone.....not Hey Guys btw, just not enough. And more importantly,how much will he be maskless? Like the rest of the Avengers? Well I'll wait for the solo Spidey movie.

  3. Big John

    It looks like the JRSr mask and webs. This is a good thing. I am so excited for this movie

  4. Evan

    @#41 and #42 -- There have been so many times that I wish that the posts on this page were "like-able." I agree with so much I see here.

  5. hornacek

    @41 - If this was Facebook I would like your comment and encourage all of my friends to like it too.

  6. RDMacQ

    As usual, I think it best that I express my thoughts on this in comic strip form:[img][/img]

  7. Mark Alford

    I don't know why, but I like the moving eyes. I buy it in the comics, and I don't think it looks too cartoony here (who knows if it will get old after seeing more footage). But I really love the rest of the costume. I am so glad our first view of the costume is with him taking the shield instead of some behind the scenes photo.The second best thing about the trailer is Tony's look right after Bucky tries to shoot him in the face. Bucky's not playing, Tony!Go team Iron Man!

  8. Spider-Dad

    OK, finally a Spider-Man promo! Glad to see that he is the final main image in the trailer. Nicely done...having Spider-Man on Iron Man's "side" is consistent with Civil War comic.IMO the costume and voice are as step in the wrong direction. - The voice sounds kind of boyish. - The eyes move? Always that was a poor idea in the comics and looks cartoonish here. - The costume webbing is too few and looks flat.For all the complaints about ASM2, I thought that costume was pretty awesome. Keeping that version, (or something in between ASM1 and ASM2) would have created a nice tie-in from the last series and kept it grounded a bit. This looks a bit garish and over time I would suspect will look worse than the Raimi and Webb directed versions.At least it is not the stupid hoodie that was being branded about.Bottom line, I just hope the movie is good and Spidey is not a wienie.

  9. hornacek

    @35 - I haven't seen Cop Car but it has a 78% rating at RT so in my opinion it's probably a good movie.@37 - Wasn't it the 60s animated series where the whites in Spidey's eyes closed whenever he was knocked unconscious? Or was it another animated series? Or another character altogether?

  10. herbiepopnecker

    @ #34(b) The person may be conscious, but the person is also going to be walking into posts!

  11. Al

    @#31: What was wrong with that was thata) Nowdays it looks just like Doc Ockb) It looks little like Spider-Manc) The suit in this movie looks almost identical to Romita Senior's design which is the definitive look of the character

  12. Jeff Gutman

    I watched Cop Car and thought it was atrocious. I don't care about the RT rating, that wasn't a very good movie. Have you watched it?

  13. hornacek

    @23 - "Cop Car" has 78% approval on so I don't know where "atrocious" is coming from.@32 - The light-up eyes help to indicate when the person is awake. When they go dark, the person inside the armor is unconscious.

  14. herbiepopnecker

    Speaking of eyes on masks, what's with the "light-up" eyes on Iron Man and Batman in these movies? Wouldn't a light right in front of your eyes blind you?

  15. Enigma_2099

    If we REALLY need a suit redesign... what was wrong with this?

  16. Cliff Jumper

    So cool. I see some Romita and Ditko in there. Good suit and hopefully we get some great Stark Parker banter.

  17. PeterParkerfan

    The mask is great, but I don't like the moving eyes. Don't like the black strips either. Also, the costume is missing web pattern around HolandSpidey's waist.

  18. krankyboy

    The suit isn't quite as good as ASM2, but I will take it. Wish the spider were a bit bigger on his chest (although I understand they are channeling Ditko), but everything else makes me sigh in relief. I even like the black racing stripes on his arms and upper boots. Never thought I'd say that.

  19. Daniel

    I already like him better than Tobey Maguire. And I hope to God that Quesada doesn't have a lot of involvement with the stand alone movies.

  20. Enigma_2099

    The comic left a bad taste in my mouth, so I'm siding with Cap out of principle. Cause I remember how things went down in the books, even though they don't want you to.The sad thing is, Marvel's finally gonna do Spidey in a movie, and I'm not feeling it... simply because of whose side he's on. My love of movie Iron Man/War Machine's gonna take a hit too.

  21. Crime Master

    I'm actually somewhat okay with the idea of Tony giving him the costume and webshooters so long as they establish that Peter was a superhero before the events of the film, just with a more basic costume like the cheap wrestling outfit in the first Spider-Man film (and the web formula could be something Peter was already working on, Stark could just give him the resources and motivation to make it). Could be a good way of adapting the Iron Spidey suit element whilst also not including the actual iron spidey suit (which I despised, frankly!)

  22. Jeff Gutman

    Looks good! Almost good enough to make me forget that for Spidey's first solo film under Marvel's umbrella, theyre using the writers of the godawful "Vacation" reboot for the script and the director of the atrocious "Cop Car"! Not to mention Disney Channel "actress" KC Undercover as love interest protraying a Dan Slott "character."All that aside, the costume looks good. Almost good enough to make me forget that we are most likely about to witness the worst of all the Spidey films to date.

  23. tnr105

    Here's a Hi-Res picture of the new suit, btw. You can see all the detailing better. First suit not to have raised webbing, and you can actually see the 'belt' around his waist. Not sure if the black capsules are spare web cartridges?

  24. tnr105

    I don't the think the CGI is final, that they just wanted to get it out there since this is the final trailer. I'm pretty sure it's a practical mask with the eyes done in post production, ala Deadpool. That way they still emote.The line about running out of patience... great editing! Certainly a dig at the fans wanting to see MCU Spidey since the announcement. It reminds me of Batman Forever, when at the end of that trailer you had Robin saying "I'm a part of this, whether you like it or not."It goes without saying, this looks to be a better film.@16 Unrelated to Spidey, I'm just curious... do you hold Hawkeye responsible for all the people he killed while under Loki's control in The Avengers, then? I don't mean to come across as confrontational, you're free to have your own opinion; but I'm genuinely interested on where you stand on that. For me, that's where it all gets iffy. Like Bucky, Hawkeye was brainwashed. The only difference is he had to endure it for a long weekend, whereas for Bucky it was decades. You could argue that he even had more agency, as he retained all his memories. As we saw in Cap 2, everytime the Winter Soldier started to remember they wiped his memory.I find it fascinating, really. Russos have said that argument will be touched upon in the film. He's more of a victim than a villain, he was used and abused... that when you think about it he's the longest serving POW in history. I wouldn't be surprised if Ross tries to exploit the situation to gain custody/command of the Winter Soldier, since Bucky is basically what he was trying to create in The Incredible Hulk.All that to say, I don't really fault Cap for sticking by his buddy. Wanda was an accessory to Ultron's rampage, what's the difference between her having a change of heart and Bucky regaining his agency? All the clips Ross shows from the previous MCU films... New York, DC, and Sokovia... I wouldn't be surprised if the collateral damage led to more casualties than the Winter Soldier has.IMO, Stark's being painted as something of a hypocrite. His weapons have killed more people, and that's not even factoring in the Ultron fiasco. You could claim the guilt for all those past mistakes feeds into his motivation... but no one's trying to throw him in prison.Bucky would be need of serious counseling, I'm sure... but IMO Tony's making the situation worse and making him even more dangerous by trying to draw him back into the conflict.

  25. Frontier

    I was hoping Spidey would be on Team Cap, so disappointed on that front, but he still looks amazing (pun completely intended). What a way to cap off the final trailer. Though I wonder if he's going to switch sides?I'm liking the suit more then I expected to, especially with the Ditko influences, and the moving eyes are neat.I wasn't expecting Holland to sound so young, but I guess it makes sense given he's intentionally the youngest movie Spider-Man we've had so far. It does highlight his age, so I imagine we're probably going to get a lot of "how old are you?" ala USM.

  26. Al

    -Well I’m glad he isn’t just going to be in the post-credits scene like I suspected-From what little I saw the costume, especially the eyes, looks good. Maybe not ASM2 good but good. They’ve changed the suit but I guess they kind of have to. Maybe in the actual movie or thereafter it will improve to be more like the comic book outfit. As is it's ripped straight outta Romita Senior in design save for a few minor details-Well…give them points for putting Spider-Man on Tony’s side that was in the comics-Given the nature of the SHRA in the comics it is still out of character for Spider-Man to side with Tony even initially in this if the SHRA comes with him losing his identity-I fear that Spider-Man being on Tony’s side will mean Tony made his suit, or webbing or had a hand in his origin and I really don’t want that. I don’t think anyone except JMS liked Peter being Tony’s ‘son’ in Civil War.-In fairness Peter picking Tony’s side in this can be argued to make more sense (again if we’re presuming the SHRA to be similar in principle to the comic book SHRA) given his youth and naivete.-I noticed his eye pieces actually moved. Whilst in the comics that was always artistic licence in live action it allows him to be more expressive and address some of the criticisms about him having to always take his mask off to act-Oh and the rest of the trailer was awesome.

  27. Scott

    It's certainly not the worst Spider-Man costume ever put on film (ASM 1...) but I'm on the fence about it. It certainly has a classic vibe to it, not so keen about the eyes moving. Can't really say much about Tom Holland, he had one line, and I liked him from the whole two seconds he was there. After the so called "amazing" films, my expectations are so low that it's hard to be let down. So, yeah, seems decent, I'm optimistic, yet cautious.

  28. Jack

    After all this time, -still- not agreeing with Cap, though I expect the movie to do a good job of building the case (or at least explaining why he does what he does).And still not buying that Tony would make -this- much of an ideological 180.Of course, the government rep must be someone like Thaddeus Ross, Class-A jerk, since this is a Cap movie and so we have to tilt to Cap's side. Also, Bucky Barnes did indeed assassinate scores of innocent people over the decades, and could -still- be very mentally unstable. So no sympathy from me for Cap hiding him, either.I'm expecting to like this movie, and disagree with it, simultaneously. Does that make any sense?

  29. Adam S.

    Not digging the voice so far, hopefully he'll sound better with more dialogue. The costume is fine, and I really like the mask. I'm neutral on the eyes being able to move, some people expect that from Spider-Man these days.

  30. Crime Master

    The eyes are a bit weird but should allow for more emotion to show through the mask than in previous films, which hopefully means there wont be so many times where he takes his mask off in the middle of a fight. I think the costume overall looks pretty okay, not as good as the Raimi movies or Amazing Spider-Man 2, but definitely better than that travesty in the first Amazing Spider-Man.

  31. Flinx79

    The suit looks cool. They did a beautiful job on it last time but this being a new version, it was inevitable Marvel studios would want to add their spin. It looks just like the mini Alex Ross bust I have. Loving the fat spider back logo is finally there. The moving eyes look weird. I think there's a mechanical sound to it so it's not like the Deadpool mask. It's probably something Tony cooked up for Pete. Far more excited for this movie than the last avengers flick... The spidey effect!

  32. jvl1031

    I really did not expect to see Spider-man in any of the promotional materials for Civil War because he is the MCU's trump card.

  33. DAKINS

    I cannot believe I'm saying this, but I liked the suit from the last Sony movie better than whatever this is.The Ditko eyes and small spider logo are 100% amazing, the black "stripes" and the lack of red around the waste make me shake my head in disgust.He's had the same main suit design for over 50 years, stop trying to "update" it. It's bad enough we have that weird "futuristic" costume now in ASM, don't ruin the movie versions again too!

  34. Raul

    How do you post images in this site? Are we not allowed to post images in the comments section? :/

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