Podcast # 414-Spider-News, New Civil War Suit, Zendaya Cast As Michelle, Dead No More,

podcast414picTopics discussed in this podcast include:
*Thoughts on the new Spider-Man suit from the Captain America:Civil War Trailer
*Zendaya cast as Michelle in new 2017 Spider-Man movie
*Dead No More storyline by Dan Slott
*Amazing Fantasy #15 sells for half a million
*Marvel Treasury returns
*James Franco didn’t like the Spider-Man movies
*New scientific medical spider-webbing healing patients
*New  York Times Square Spider-man holds kid hostage for $10


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  1. pseudomucho

    I'd say that the mask's resemblance to Ditko's version is only really there when the eyes dilate. I only see Ross Andru's when Spidey's eyes are fully open.

  2. krankyboy

    Slight correction regarding the Marvel Treasury "Spidey vs Hulk at the Winter Olympics" issue taking place at a games where the panel stated the US had boycotted them.The winter games were held in Lake Placid, New York. Kind of hard to not go to the games you're hosting. It was also the games where the famous "Miracle on Ice" occurred (a group of ragtag, fresh-faced American college kids beating the Soviet hockey machine and picking up the gold medal in the event). We did boycott the Summer Games in Moscow, which is what some of the podcast panel were probably remembering. The Soviets responded by not bothering to come to Los Angeles in 1984.Not excited about casting Disney kids (Zendaya) in the SM movie, but I do think the costume is pretty nice. The Romita eyes are great, and I even dig the black racing stripes.

  3. Kayla

    Hmm, Deadline is actually a great source, and are usually the first ones to break news over other outlets.And a bit of info on Zendaya's casting, but all outlets are saying she's in a "key role" albeit a small one, but it is stated her role will be bigger in later franchises, so her character most likely won't die in the first movie. It's stated she's not a love interest which actually knocks out the speculation of her being MJ, Gwen, Liz, and even Gonzales, but she did do a chemistry test with Holland which is contradictory since chemistry tests seemingly only happen between actors who characters are love interests. It is something to note that she is the third person cast or rather the third person announced which can mean something.More importantly it could be true that the spider-man movie starts filming this summer which means Zendaya is a sign for more casting announcements in the near future, which is what I'm excited for.

  4. ryan3178

    Great episode. Loved listening to it on the commute to work. I understand what George was saying, but at the same time, they said the FX for the suit weren't finalized. They just put that together for the final trailer. So, the sound and look might be completely different in the finished film in two months. Oh Ashley, I love you, you are so funny.

  5. Jeff Gutman

    In ASM, the film editors went back and removed the yellow eyes from every scene except one - the scene where he fights the lizard in the sewer. The film has his eyes as reflective but not yellow. This change must've been made late because all of the marketing has his eyes as being yellow even tho it was changed in the film.

  6. xonathan

    About the ASM costume, Spidey's had yellow eyes before. In the old comics the pages would age yellowish and show the eyes yellow. Also in the 80's Spider Woman series Spider-man cameo-ed in three episodes and he had yellow eyes there. Check it out in YouTube. And let's not forget the memorable first episode of the beloved Spider-Man Unlimited 99 series. He had Yellow eyes. So there's precedent :) I liked the ASM costume because it genuinely looked homemade and cinematic at the same time. I didn't like the distribution of the red parts though, but whatever. The raised webbing of the Raimi films drove me INSANE. I hated it! Love the new costume, it's the classiest one ever. ASM2 was excellent too for a Bagley look.

  7. powerpackers90

    This was a good episode and really enjoyable. I dont get George's whole thing about casting her if playing someone else from the comics. Cause maybe it's just me, but as long as she was the best person up for the role whether it's MJ, Gwen, Michelle, Liz, Carlie, Cat, or whoever. who really cares what race she is? Look at 60's TV show Joker, Kingpin in the Affleck DD movie, and Barry Dee in Batman 1980. They were all different race then the comic, and did great jobs with the roles.

  8. Scott

    I can't really rate the newest costume fairly yet, but for me the order from best to worst is Raimi suit, ASM 2, Nicholas Hammond, ASM 1. I already know the new suit is better than Hammond's and ASM 1.

  9. BD - Post author

    Yeah the crew rocks. They were all passionate to talk about the new suit. I already had a new episode ready to be released this week. I just spliced this new piece at the front of it with the older news. I didn't want to wait a month to talk about the new suit.

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