Civil War II Spider-Man Teaser Released

CWII teaser Spider-ManNerdist has just released the latest Civil War II teaser, featuring Spider-Man


Civil War II happens because a mysterious new Marvel character comes to the attention of the world, one who has the power to calculate the outcome of future events with a high degree of accuracy. This predictive power divides the Marvel heroes on how best to capitalize on this aggregated information, with Captain Marvel leading the charge to profile future crimes and attacks before they occur, and Iron Man adopting the position that the punishment cannot come before the crime.

Now the question becomes, who will Peter side with, Tony who believes you should only punish the person once he/she commits the crime or Carol who believes in stopping/punishing before the person commits it.

Given Peter’s history of what happened to Uncle Ben and Gwen, do you think it would be right for him to side with Carol aka Captain Marvel to prevent something similar happening or if you take his vow of “Great Power comes Great Responsibility” as taught to him by uncle Ben, would Peter think this is too much power and too much responsibility for any one person to have and side with Tony.

And of course would he want to be on the opposite side of Mary Jane on this, since she now works for Tony, could she be the one to sway him to Tony’s side, would she want to. Of course it will depend on whether or not Mary Jane will be taking part in the Civil War.

Civil War II kicks-off on Free Comic Book Day May 7th.



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  1. Al

    @#13: Negative exposure and Year One were good. Jenkins arc and Out of Reach were bad and mediocre. That’s just it really. With Back in Black there were only 2 Sandman stories and one of those was in a flashback annual. There were also just 2 Venom stories, Reign (shite) and Sacasa’s Brock story. Everything else was Spider-Man being Spider-Man but in a black suit. PAD justified within the story why he and peter were teaming up. Yes the rationale behind him donning the suit was flimsy and transparent, but when all was said and done Back in Black gave us: a) THE best Spidey/Kingpin fight ever b) A brilliant “work your way up through the ganglands” story c) The best Eddie Brock story ever d) A strong showcase for Betty and Flash e) One of the best Jameson stories ever f) Matt Fraction’s Sensational annual which he made specifically as a screw you to One More Day and is also one of the all round best Spider-Man (or at least Spider-Marriage) stories ever. Without Back in Black and Spider-Man 3 we’d have had none of those and skipped almost immediately to One More Day. I didn’t like the status quo in general but honestly BiB was probably one of the highest points of pure quality for Spider-Man when he had multiple titles. Rare were the months where ASM, Spec and MTU or Web ALL consistently told great stories about Peter. Even rarer were those from the 1990s onwards. But in Back in Black, although it was BS how he got into the status quo, once there (unlike civil war) Peter was in character most of the time and you had three talented guys who truly got the character (JMS, PAD, Sacasa) knocking it out the park.

  2. hornacek

    @12 - It was almost impossible to enjoy and absorb those Doc Ock stories around SM2 because there were so many of them! They could have all been gold but there were so many different mini's coming out and at the same time. Too much, too much. Same with the black suit and Sandman around SM3; they just decided to have Peter switch to the black suit because of the movie, and Sandman just showed up out of nowhere for an adventure with Spidey even though he was a villain.

  3. Al

    @3: Peter isn’t so stupid and bitter as to oppose Tony just on principle. Tony was an asshole to him and I would never trust him, nor should Peter. But in the context of the situation Tony’s viewpoint here is one Peter would share...too bad he’s not ON Tony’s side. @#5: No one in the Marvel Universe except for THE most conservative of characters, and I am not dissing conservatives before anyone kicks off, would actually propose persecuting people who havent’ actually done anything wrong. Increase security, maybe keep an eye out and that’s it especially when the solicits make it clear it’s not 100% but merely near 100%. As I’ve said before though Spider-Man would NEVER be on Carol’s side nor would Captain America, even if you spin some shit like “If I knew what the burglar was gonna do” or “If I could kill Hitler”. They are incredibly liberal characters who are incredibly affiriming of civil liberties. Yeah, yeah, with great power comes great responsibility but using this to get criminals who haven’t done anything is quintessentially irresponsible. And besides I’m 90% sure there have been future seers in the MU before now. And don’t they have access to time travel technology anyway, why is this kid new? Hopefully Peter siding with Carol is ONLY promotional rubbish and this Civil War II mini-series will be him grappling with the choice and not properly picking a side. The solicits sounded like he was going to look after the kid. That seems like a good role for Spider-Man. Whilst Tony and Carol beat each other up over whether or not they should use this kid’s power Peter is actually concerned for the kid himself/herself. He’d want to make sure they are okay and that they are the ones who think carefully about how to use their power responsibly. From the sounds of it Tony is positioning himself more as just someone who finds the idea of using the kid’s power unethical mainly because of what it does to potential criminals. Even though he’s on the morally correct side thus far it’s been spun as if he and Carol both just see the kid as a weapon, one Carol wants to use and one Tony doesn’t. So the mini-series having Peter mentor the kid and actually treat them as a person who maybe doesn’t even want to use their powers would be appropriate. @#11: Now in fairness as asinine and cheap as it was to do tie-ins for Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3, Negative Exposure was a great story, Back in Black in hindsight was really, really good and those Sandman stories were also brilliant

  4. hornacek

    @10 - These are the same marketing geniuses that gave us 3 (?) Doc Ock mini-series when SM2 came out, and put Spidey back in the black suit when SM3 came out. They also had Spidey team-up with Sandman in FNSM during SM3

  5. Jack

    Marvel marketing genius: 1. "MCU has a movie named "Civil War" coming out." 2. "Do another "Civil War", to coincide." 3. "Make it with all the care of a video-game movie tie-in."

  6. RDMacQ

    I love how completely pointless a lot of these images are. Essentially all they are saying is "This character will be in the event." Which, thanks to one of the teasers, we already know. It was already shown to us Spidey is going to be in the event, and which side he is going to take. This teaser really doesn't show us anything other than maybe, at one point, Spider-Man rolls up his mask. I'm not even counting on that being his original costume, as it could just be an artistic error. And, yeah, or course Spidey is on one side and MJ is on the other. That way you can stretch out the drama until 2017.

  7. Crime Master

    Well, considering the events of the first Civil War and what they ultimately led to for Peter, I'm sure this story will turn out to be one of Spidey's finest moments, a rousing tribute to his sense of responsibility and.... um sorry I seem to have set off every sarcasm detector in the world....

  8. Frontier

    I think the sides for this Civil War are going to be arbitrary and make as less sense as it did in the original, if not moreso. Because, while I can believe Peter would want to prevent disasters and tragedies from happening, I don't see him supporting arresting and detaining people for crimes they didn't commit. And apparently Cap (Steve) is also on Carol's side, which makes even less sense.

  9. hornacek

    @2 - I was going to say "Congratulations Marvel, you finally saw the movie Minority Report!" Also, is this person who can see the future called ... The Clairvoyant? Congratulations Marvel, you finally saw season 1 of Agents of SHIELD!

  10. Chase the Blues Away

    A) Obviously the movie Minority Report hasn't been released in the Marvel U, or they'd know punishing people before a crime actually occurs is, like, a really bad idea doomed to failure as well as ethically egregious and legally (presumption of innocence being the backbone of the US justice system) wrong, at least in US jurisdictions. and B) Peter isn't wearing his asinine glowing spider suit of deus ex machina fantastical tricks in the teaser poster.

  11. Jason

    You can't punish a person for a crime they have yet to commit. Stop it, perhaps. But superheroes aren't gods, unless you're Thor.

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