Man Proposes With Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 on Comic Book Men

Amazing Spider-Man (1963-1998) Annual 021-000For those that watched the latest episode of Comic Book Men yesterday, you would have seen a couple come into the Secret Stash and ask for a copy of Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 which features the landmark wedding of Peter and Mary Jane, priced at $29.95. What was not expected was for the man to state he was purchasing it for his girlfriend and that he would take a step back, kneel and while holding the copy of the issue goes on to ask her to marry him,

“When you walked into my office, you blew me off my feet. After I found out that you had comic book tattoos, I did nothing but flood your office with comic books until you agreed to go out with me. Will you marry me? Will you be my MJ?”.

for which she give a resounding YES.

And to round things off, Walt gives the couple the comic as a gift on the house, which prompts Ming to proclaim, “That’s huge, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you give anything away.”

It was also revealed that Marvel held a symbolic wedding at Shea Stadium, where they had actors dressed up as Spider-Man and Mary Jane with Stan Lee was the Master of Ceremonies and those attending were dressed up as comic book characters.


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  1. hornacek

    Can't wait for this to be discussed on the next Spider-News episode. BD: Guys, don't you just love this story? JR: Another poor sap on his way to the abyss.

  2. Cheesedique

    Hopefully she doesn't ask how Peter and MJ ended up. "What happened to Peter and MJ's marriage?" "Uh, honey, have a seat..this will take a minute.."

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