Civil War II, It’s Time To Choose, Will You Change or Protect The Future


Numerous Comic News outlets including Comic Book Resources have released what seem to be the final roster of those fighting to Change the Future, by profiling future crimes and attacks before they occur and those fighting to protect it by stating that punishment cannot come before the crime.

With Captain Marvel, fighting to Change The Future, we have

Spectrum, She-Hulk, Ant-Man, Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, Blue Marvel, Medusa, Captain America (Steve Rogers), Vision, War Machine and Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Captain Marvel has two others, who are not shown here and they are Spider-Man (Miles Morales) & Rocket Raccoon

With Iron Man, fighting  to Protect The Future, we have

Black Widow, Deadpool, Captain America (Sam Wilson), Hulk, Hercules, Black Panther, Luke Cage, Thor, Ms America, Star-Lord and Daredevil.

Iron Man has one other, who is not shown here and that is Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)

Civil War II starts on Free Comic Book Day May 7th.



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  1. Frontier

    @#10 - You also have Bendis' favorites, Luke, Daredevil, Star-Lord, and Iron Man all on the same side. If there isn't any bias in regards to these teams, both in terms of the lineup and how they're presented, I'll be genuinely shocked. @#11 - So would mine, but I wouldn't put it past Marvel to do that and milk it for all the drama it's worth.

  2. Al

    @#7: Aren’t they? This sounds an awful lot like it cuts close to counter terrorism measures, racial profiling, putting people under surveillance. @#7-#8: Peter isn’t so dumb and petty as to side against Tony out of spite over something this serious. I hope they don’t pit MJ against Peter because that’d break my heart.

  3. Al

    Anyone else notice Marvel, the clearly Liberal company, who demonized the clearly not Liberal side in Civil War I have positioned Iron Man, the character they want to be the ‘lead’ of the NuMu on the obviously Liberal leaning side of this debate? Even though he was on the very much not Liberal side in Civil War I? And anyone else notice how MCU fan favourites Sam Wilson, Black Widow and Star-Lord are on Tony’s side? Along with Deadpool, Daredevil and Luke Cage who just ‘happen’ to have major media adaptations this year?

  4. powerpackers90

    Not shock about Peter not being on Tony's side after the events of The last Civil War. I would not be shock if that's Peter's whole reason for not being Team Tony. Also it was probably done to have him and MJ even more at odds which would be weird cause how they were in Civil War 1. Also wouldnt be shock if Peter flips sides again.

  5. RDMacQ

    At the very least, they're not going to bog this down with an unnecessary "Political" message, that has no real bearing on real world issues. This conflict seems a little more esoteric, and less divisive in terms of people's political beliefs. That being said, I think that it would be interesting if part of the reason Spider-Man is opposing Iron Man is because he remembers what happened during the last Civil War, and he doesn't trust him to make the right decision now. So he's siding with Carol more out of a dislike of Tony than a belief in the "cause."

  6. Frontier

    So...Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are still on opposing sides of Civil War. Did they just not want to be too obvious? Was it too soon after Time Runs Out? Did they think promoting Carol through frikkin' Civil War was a good idea? Bendis is going to have to jump a lot of hoops to justify these team lineups, especially for Carol's side.

  7. Mark Alford

    My prediction right now is that somewhere along the way, Miles and Peter are going to have a falling out and this is going to be used to establish Miles as his own man.

  8. ryan3178

    So, Kamala is siding with Iron Man and not her mentor and idol. Wow! That story I have more interest in and both Spider-Men on Carol's side.

  9. Aziz

    HOLD IT HOLD IT HOLD IT. Iron Man? The Futurist? Is on the side of awesome? I did not expect to see this happen. Marvel stars should watch Minority Report, and say "You know something? Let the idea go, we don't need to let people live in unnecessary fear." And remember how stupid their first Civil War was.

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