C2E2: “Dead No More” Is That Uncle Ben?

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The first cover for the new storyline “Dead No More” written by Dan Slott has been revealed at the C2E2, which seems to suggest that certain characters will be making a return from the dead.




dead-no-more-174837If we are to take a closer look at it we can clearly see who’s who, from who I recognise, front and centre we have Uncle Ben, the one in the uniform is Captain Stacy, in between Uncle Ben and Captain Stacy is Jean DeWolff and the mother and child next to Uncle Ben, Doctor Conner’s family. As for the other three I can’t say.

Dead No More debut on May 7th, Free Comic Book Day

(Cover via Comicbook.com)



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  1. Itsmichaelreid

    Please Slott could you just go...please? You did superior which proved the haters wrong..good for you but seriously man..just go. I want a new fresh writer that maybe one we never heard of

  2. herbiepopnecker

    I'm starting to think NOBODY stays dead in this, it's a psychological attack of some kind.

  3. Al

    @#26: Slott also wrote the Swing Shift story that preceded the first proper BND issue. And on page 1 of ASm #546 he literally has Peter making out with a random woman saying his life actually sucks because of the Parker Luck. In Swing Shift Aunt May walks in at the end saying her nephew needs to grow up and learn responsibility.Literally he set the precedent for all of BND and continued it from there.

  4. hornacek

    @23 - Huh, for some reason I thought Slott wasn't in the Brain Trust at the beginning of BND and joined it later. But you're right, he wrote the first BND issue and stories throughout BND. I must have had him mixed up with some of the other writers who joined the BT later.

  5. Phantom Roxas

    Slott was involved in Brand New Day from the very beginning - he even had a part in the development of One More Day - to the point that you might as well say AT LEAST a third of Brand New Day should qualify as a part of Slott's run. It's just that he was a part of the brain trust, so it doesn't have the "solo" quantifier as Big Time and onwards do.

  6. Nick MB

    @20 Didn't Slott write the very first storyline of BND, as well as that Swing Shift issue that came out ages before to preview it? He was definitely involved from pretty early on. And yes, he did write Mysterioso.

  7. hornacek

    @19 - As I mentioned, most of BND is a blur to me (thank God) but from what I remember Mysterioso's big reveal was ... Carlie's father was actually alive! The way it was delivered was written like they expected the readers to say "OH MY GOD! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!" when actually it was like "Wait, who is Carlie's father? Were we supposed to know he was dead? Maybe we were, we really didn't pay attention. Also, are we supposed to be paying attention to or caring about Carlie?"I can't remember if Slott wrote Mysterioso, he wasn't involved in BND from the start and only joined later, and he was just one of a rotating team of writers.

  8. Phantom Roxas

    Wait, is Mysterioso the "Slott's Mysterio three-parter" I keep hearing about as one of the strong points of his time during Brand New Day? So… this "BIG EVENT" is just a rehash of that? Sounds like Spider-Verse, where the entire point of that was to one-up Shattered Dimensions… where Mysterio was the villain. Is Slott's idea of a big event just taking a Mysterio story, removing Mysterio from it, and exaggerating the scale?

  9. Realspideyfan

    As long as fair weather spidey fans who only know this tripe are around there won't be any dip in sales. Which is a real shame cause now that he's getting more exposure than ever he needs to represented correctly and true to what fans grew up with know and love. But as long as slott can make headlines being antagonistic as ever, getting coverage he won't leave it's sad but true.

  10. Cheesedique

    @ 13--I really can't remember "Mysterioso" beyond that--been a long ass time since I've read it. @14--I stopped buying quite some time ago. It sucks not to be able to read my favorite character, but I save money, and I can keep up with what's going on with reviews. I've thought Slott's Spider-Man is a poor representation for awhile, and it's not getting better.

  11. Jeff Gutman

    So glad I stopped supporting this drivel. i wasn't Slott gone. He should've been gone two years ago. He's not going anywhere as long as we all keep buying this. I'm voting with my wallet and I encourage everyone here to do the same. It might already be too late for Spidey. He's been taken so far from who he should be that there may not be a way to get the genie back in the bottle.

  12. hornacek

    @12 - Mysterioso, that was it. Wasn't there someone from Peter's past also "brought back" during that story? Maybe not Uncle Ben but Cpt. Stacey?

  13. Cheesedique

    @7: so true. Reminds me of a write up my colleague over at Spiderfan, Keith Moore, did about this very topic called "Uncle Ben There, Done That". http://spiderfan.org/rave/02605.htmlAlso, this is similar to the Brand New Day-era story "Myserioso", where the namesake villain was supposedly bringing people back from the dead, like Carlie's father (Slott went back to this well one MORE time later in the "Ghost of Jean DeWolff" arc of Big Time, which was just Yuri/Wraith in a Jean mask--so big sarcastic originality points for this upcoming arc).Also, is one of these people in the teaser meant to be Sable? I haven't looked closely at it.

  14. Al

    I see Uncle Ben, Billy and Martha Connors, Montana, Jean DeWolff, Captain Stacy and then a blonde woman and someone with a long coat. Although she is wearing different things to what she wore when she died, the blonde woman is probably Gwen unless that’s her with the long coat but I couldn’t think then who the blonde woman is unless it’s a weird looking Marla Jameson. Presuming blondie to be Gwendy long coat could be Ben Reilly (unlikely) Frederick Foswell (who looks nothing like Frederick Foswell) Ned Leeds or Lance Bannon. Bannon didn’t have as much of a defined look so this could be him.

  15. Fisk

    It is a travesty. Where is Frederick Foswell? Where is Lance Bannon? Where is Nick Katzenberg? And where is that famous blonde chick who jumped off a bridge? And c'mon...Montana???

  16. hornacek

    Sigh. How many times have we had Uncle Ben "return from the dead"? - In Peter David's Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (alternate timeline) - House of M (alternate reality) - gift from Dr. Strange on Spidey's birthday (one-time conversation) - Has-Ben from Spider-Verse (alternate reality) - current ASM point 1 issues (haven't read them yet) - wasn't there a BND story where a villain was bringing people back from the dead and Uncle Ben was one of them? Or maybe that was Captain Stacey? (man, the BND era is so forgettable)I'm sure there are more, but at this point Peter should be like "Oh, it's Uncle Ben. Back from the dead. Hey."

  17. asdf

    So it looks like with bringing people back from the dead, and seeing all the fire there, i'm having to assume mystery red coat in ASM currently is in fact Mephisto

  18. Frontier

    I'm surprised Gwen and Ben Reilly aren't on the cover given how impactful they and their deaths were on Peter. I mean, I doubt any of these characters are really coming back to life, but those two are some pretty big omissions.If they're actually bringing back Ned, in some form, I hope they give Betty or even Flash a chance to react to him.

  19. ryan3178

    Yep, that's Montana and that is Martha and Billy Walters there on the left and also Marla Jameson with Ned Leeds. All characters that had profound deaths in the life of Spider-Man.

  20. Jason

    Don't bring people back from the dead, unless it's in a deal for the marriage and Slott's retirement.

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