C2E2: “Civil War II” Spider-Man Tie-In Revealed (UPDATE)

Civil-War-II-Amazing-Spider-Man-1-Cover-Khary-Randolph-4ea36Nothing much is yet known about the tie-in, except that it will span four issues, possibly involve Peter’s affinity for Power and Responsibility and that it will be written by Christos Gage and drawn by Travel Foreman.

Issue one Cover by Khary Randolph.

Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man hits the stores in June 2016.

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Comic Book Resources interviews Christos Gage – C2E2: GAGE’S “CIVIL WAR II: SPIDER-MAN” SETS PETER UP TO LOSE, EVEN IF HE WINS

To surmise what Gage says is that the story, will take place in New York and and will revolve around Peter helping the precognitive Inhuman use his powers responsibly while at the same time, due to his experience in the first Civil War, with the help of the Inhuman get all the information he can, before picking a side this time around. Plus, the story will also involve the Inhuman making a prediction that, while not world- or universe-ending, could mean the end of one character’s world.

As Gage would put it – “It’s really dealing with classic Spider-Man themes: power and responsibility; facing a situation where even if you win, you can also lose — or you can just lose.”

Gage also mentions that Harry Osborn and Clayton Cole, will play a part, along with the Human Torch — who is the great bridge between Spidey and the Inhumans. As for the villain(s), all he would say is that he/she is from the Lee/Ditko era, and that it could be something to do with, the Vulturions! which are apparently his favourite.

Oh he also says that “New readers can easily pick up the mini and get all the information they need to follow and understand the story.” which means, like Renew Your Vows (Wikipedia / Comicvine) , you don’t need the rest of the Civil War II tie-ins and main issues to know what going on in the story.

Now that you’ve read the summary, why not head over to CBR for the full interview



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  1. Evan

    I just don't buy that fellow superheroes -- many of whom are long-time friends -- would be willing to kill one another over a ideological conflict like this.

  2. Evan

    Isn't this kind of what the Insight Project in Captain America 2 was about, albeit based upon a probabilistic algorithm? (I just watched it for the first time yesterday, so I guess it's on my mind.)

  3. Jack

    This whole story is such a badly contrived cash-grab. The whole thing hinges on everybody in the MU being stupid. Again. Marvel must have the least intelligent characters in all comicdom.Uncertainty: If **anyone** in the MU should know that the future is fluid, it would be the MU supers. They know, many of them from personal experience, that a predicted future will not necessarily come to pass. If they can alter history so that a certain crime never happens, then so can other things!Infallibility: There's also the matter of fallibility. Considering that no "psychic" in the MU is infallible, and they all still have the ability to lie or mislead, then having a psychic foresee a bad deed wouldn't be any different than picking up some criminal chatter on the Internet. All you do is keep an eye on the person of interest.Military ethics: Caroil Danvers would be the one **least** likely to want to arrest people prior to an actual crime, because she is U.S. military, and they're pledged to uphold the Constitution. I know this doesn't matter to uber-liberal Marvel, because they always make the U.S. military the focus of evil in the modern world. But we live in a world where the Joint Chiefs have already said that they will outright defy Trump if he ever ordered them to kill the children of terrorists as he has said he wants to do.Marvel would deserve it if this whole thing flopped.

  4. Al

    God...on the one hand Spider-Man considering the issue before choosing a side is mature and sensible and he did do that in Civil War I. BUT the fact of the matter is that in Civil War I he chose the wrong side for the wrong reasons which was OOC. In Civil War II he also is seemingly choosing the side he'd NEVER choose and I question if he'd really debate that hard about it.

  5. hornacek

    Clayton Cole? Wow, they're not letting this character go, are they?"and that it could be something to do with, the Vulturions! which are apparently his favourite." Well, I guess every character(s) has to be *someone's* favorite.

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