Podcast #415-MB Q &A-Carrion a Clone, Norman Vs Kingsley, End of Slott, Unreleased Spidey Action Figure

podcast415imageWe tackle your dozens of message board questions with this episode. Some highlights include:

*The original origin of Carrion was to be a Peter Parker Clone
*What would happen if Roderick Kingsley fought Norman Osborn in Goblin suits. 
*What spider-character has never received an action figure? 
*If Vol. 4 is the end of Slott’s run, would you want to see him on a Spider-Satellite title? 


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(5) Comments

  1. Cheesedique

    @4--I thought Phil was definitively the worst Hobgoblin yet, and this is coming from someone who largely grew up reading Macendale in the orange cloak.I don't think we'll ever get the story of how or why Daniel Kingsley became Roderick's pawn to be beheaded by Phil, in what was by now a very typical "overpowered but ultimately ineffectual villain to big-up" Slott moment.

  2. ryan3178

    I feel like we are still getting the spin on Kingsley/Osborn fight in costume, it is long over due and it feels like editorial just has to give some hackeyed policy of: "You just can't!" Then the writers have to change or formulate it to be a copout in some way. Even Slott got it handed to him and as JR said, the entire piece with changing their mind with Phil Urich being the fourth Green Goblin was a very stupid reason and didn't work well when they made him the Hobgoblin years later.

  3. Cheesedique

    I'm thinking during the Osborn / Kingsley segment that they had indeed fought in costume during Superior Spider-Man; then I remembered that Kingsley had sent his brainwashed butler in his place. An Osborn / Kingsley showdown is a story that's still waiting to be told--and hopefully more than just a few issues, but in a longer storyline.

  4. hornacek

    Oh now I remember. I couldn't come up with a question so I made some comment about Brad's message board post for this episode. Not one of my best. I think the current comics status quo is sapping my creativity. We need some new blood on the book if only to jump-start my ability to come up with optimistic questions.

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