GWENom…and Robbi Rodriguez No More?

image As reported on Newsarama, not only will the Gwenom character, depicted on a variant cover last year, be becoming a reality in the Spider-Gwen title, but artist/co-creator Robbi Rodriguez will be departing the book and retiring. 

How do you feel about the design if Rodriguez uses it? Will Rodriguez’s absence lead to a departure of readers? Do you think Latour will continue? Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. Al

    @#12: 11 issues that happened through 2 heavily publicized relaunches. It isn’t like she lasted for 11 issues straight off her own back. I don’t think she is a gimmick outside of how she’s been used in promotion. But I’d disagree that the title is great. Like... aggressively disagree. It’s gotten better but it most certainly is far from great. There are massive flaws with it

  2. Shaun Austin Martineau

    Damn hornacek, that's reaching into the internet's past. Like everyone else, sad this is happening. It'll be cool to see what he does with the symbiote before he goes. Any thoughts on replacements? I'd like to see someone like Stjepan Sejic on the book.

  3. Jeff Gutman

    Oh I don't think Spider-Gwen is a gimmick. Its proven itself to be a great title. I think have crossovers with Silk and Spider-woman is a gimmick. I think having Gwen merged with Deadpool to make Gwenpool is a gimmick. And I think crossing Gwen with "Mr. 90s overexposure" Venom to make Gwenom is a gimmick. So yeah, Spider-Gwen. Not a gimmick. All this other stuff on the horizon? Gimmicks. Just let Latour tell the story he wants to tell without having to tie the character into crossovers etc.

  4. Iron Patriot

    See, I think that with 11 solo issues under their belt, the creative team has proved that Spider-Gwen really isn't a gimmick anymore. I think that it's an excellent comic on its own merits and a legit take on the Spidey mythos. (But if you just don't like it then fair enough.)

  5. hornacek

    We need this guy ( back to tell Marvel to "LEAVE GWEN ALONE!!!!!!"

  6. Jeff Gutman

    Terrible news. Rodriguez was a huge part of the title. I'm actually not sure how well it'll do without him in the long run. And this whole "let's combine Gwen with another hero" thing is starting to turn gimmicky and old. Gwenpool is ridiculous and Gwenom moreso. Bad news all around. This was the only spider title I buy anymore so with their losing the artist and falling into cross-over gimmick hell, I'm not too happy.

  7. Iron Patriot

    It was only a matter of time before an alternate universe Spidey book does a symbiote story, so this is an interesting move. I'd like to see what this does to Gwen, who's a bit of a punk but starting to mature. It's a shame that Rodriguez is leaving the book and comics in general, but it has been a good run. FBP was a fun book, and his art was the heart of that series, much like Spider-Gwen.

  8. Mycroft

    @#3 Yeah, agreed. I mean, if Marvel had decided to fire up a whole series for Gwenom as a brand new character, that would be ridiculous. Spider-Gwen getting her own version of the symbiote story seems like a pretty natural direction for her series, though.

  9. Itsmichaelreid

    Gwenageddon truly is upon us. And Spider Gwen whole schtick was its art and design so yeah its gonna crash and burn

  10. Frontier

    I know Rodriguez had a condition that would eventually prevent him from continuing with his comic work, so it sounds like that's caught up with him, unfortunately. At least hopefully he can go out on a high note with this Venom arc, though it'll be tough to replace him on the title given how much his art gave it its identity.

  11. Javi Trujillo - Post author

    I see this as a logical, but temporary step for the character. She lives in a world where she got bit instead of Peter, why shouldn't the symbiote bond to her, too? I wouldn't want it to be forever, tho, just an arc. Plus, there is prior precedent with her being an Ultimate Carnage, too.

  12. hornacek

    Spider-Gwen, Gwenpool, and now Gwenom? I think I am kinda glad that Emma Stone's Gwen was killed off in ASM2. Whether that series had continued, or got rebooted as it did, the further we get from Stone's excellent portrayal, the more likely Marvel will realize that crossing Gwen Stacey, comic-book character, with the hot character of the month, is just ridiculous.

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