C2E2: Mary Jane Gets Her Own Iron Spider Armor (UPDATE)

ASM15AlexRossCMYKlr-85036The cover by Alex Ross for Amazing Spider-Man #15 has been revealed at the C2E2, and, to my great excitement, it features a certain red head donning her very own Iron Spider Armor that made it’s first appearance in the First Civil War. Could this be an indication that Mary Jane will be involved in the new one?Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 9 Textless


And does this hint at something in her future, given what she could be wearing (Right>) in Invincible Iron Man #9

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According to an image label and some answers given in today’s CBR Spider-Mandate, Mary Jane WILL be donning the the Iron Spider Armour and that it’s not a cover only image, and that it, while not certain, might have something to do with “Civil War II”, because according to this, it happens around the same time.

Quoted from the article

“Mary Jane’s Iron Spider costume is part of a storyline, not a on-the-cover-only image”

We also saw a teaser with Mary Jane in the Iron Spider, or Iron Jane costume — whatever you want to call it.

I’m calling it Iron Spider! It’s Iron Jane in the same way no one calls her “Spider-Gwen” in the book.

That’s getting pretty far in the future, but what can you tease about that image?

It will come to pass. [Laughs] It’s not one of those, “Hey, we showed it on the cover, but you never saw it in the book!” No, it’s not one of those.

It happens around the same time as “Civil War II,” and of course Peter first got the Iron Spider costume in “Civil War.” Is there a tie-in there?


Great answer.

Good luck transcribing that one!

and I updated the cover image to one without a watermark

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  1. Al

    @#7: Yes, but that was bullshit. It made her realize that but she wouldn't have needed to realize that if she hadn't had her character rewritten and fucked up in the first place. And sure MJ took to being a hero well. That doesn't make it a good idea long term.

  2. RDMacQ

    @#6- And her time as a hero made her realize how much she loved Peter and what his time as Spider-Man means to him. I have a feeling that MJ's time as a hero is going to see a pretty identical arc, albeit one that is spread out over the course of a few months rather than a six issue arc.

  3. RDMacQ

    I'm personally very cool with this. I kind of figured it wasn't going to be a bait and switch. But it is good to hear it being confirmed.

  4. Jason

    This is horrible. At times MJ had difficulties dealing with Peter as a super hero always on the go. I can't buy into MJ suddenly going all super hero.

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