Podcast # 416 Spider-History March 2006

podcast416picJR takes us back ten years and examines Spider-Man: The Other. In this episode JR reviews:
*Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man # 4
*Amazing Spider-Man # 528
*Marvel Knights Spider-Man # 22
He also gives an overview of the whole 12 part storyline. 


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(2) Comments

  1. Jack

    This was JMS' chronic weakness -- his insistence on turning everything into dark mysticism (which is interesting, considering he's an atheist). He also did this on Babylon 5. Also, his reliance on horror tropes, like Morlun plucking-out and eating Peter's eyeball (which I remember being disgusted by). That sort of thing belonged in Conan, not Spider-Man. Notice that we can give Dan Slott credit for an improvement -- he changed Morlun and his brood into straight-out //energy// vampires. No cannibalism.

  2. Simon James

    Can't believe this was ten years ago. I remember not hating each part individually at the time because you always thought answers were coming. Then, as JR so eloquently expressed - they never do. Enjoyable little flashback to such a hideous mess guys. 2 things perhaps you didn't stress enough: 1) the horror that was Aunt May and Mary Jane in Iron Man suits. 2) the fact that Slott keeps saying that something in continuity happened to get rid of the totem powers, but we still haven't seen it (and probably never will)

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