Kingpin Returns in Civil War II

829feb97-1242-48d9-8d60-76838e71f5f7 831017fb-7407-44e5-a470-e3cd4ceba5eaMarvel sent over a press release about the return of the Kingpin. 

The Return of the King – CIVIL WAR II: KINGPIN #1 Coming This July!

New York, NY—April 4th 2016 – When hero fights hero – where does that leave the villains?  As Civil War II engulfs the Marvel Universe, criminal mastermind Wilson Fisk makes his big move! Today, Marvel is pleased to announce CIVIL WAR II: KINGPIN #1 – an all-new Civil War II series launching this July. Rising comic stars Matthew Rosenberg (We Can Never Go Home) and Ricardo Lopez Ortiz (Wolf) bring you a gritty street-level view of the epic upcoming event!

A new Inhuman with the ability to predict the future has helped the heroes of the Marvel Universe stop crime before it even happens. But amid this crackdown on the villains, one man has found a way to thrive. Wilson Fisk has a secret, and its helped him stay a step ahead of the good guys and keep his criminal enterprise running like clockwork. But how? What is his secret?!

“Wilson Fisk is an opportunist, first and foremost,” says Rosenberg in an interview with “Under his selfish motives, his brutal exterior, or even the façade he puts up as a pillar of his community, he is a man who sees ways to benefit himself and he takes them.“

“The new Civil War will provide him a unique opportunity. He is a Civil War profiteer.”

What secret is Fisk keeping that’s kept his house of cards from tumbling down? More importantly – what will happen when that secret gets out? Don’t miss CIVIL WAR II: KINGPIN #1 when it comes to comic shops and digital devices this July!




Variant Cover by ESAD RIBIC

On Sale in July!

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  1. herbiepopnecker

    Press Release Herbiepopnecker will not be buying any Civil War II comics, not being a fan of fusterclucks, only of the word. -30-

  2. 666andahalf

    As long as they do Kingsley Hobgoblin justice (assuming he's actually part of the story, as the cover suggests), then I'm game.

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