Slott on Spider-Man Until 2018?

slott2018Bleeding Cool stumbled across a tweet from Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott that shows DC is wanting him to write Batman and Superman comics.
Slott says he was offered the big two DC characters but can’t take the gig since he’s still under contract with Marvel until 2018.
What are your thoughts? Would you like Slott off Amazing Spider-Man to tackle Batman and Superman? Discuss in the comment section. 

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  1. Phantom Roxas

    "AND AFTER. My coffin's both WiFi & ouija board compatible." So yeah, I'm not expecting his claim that he'll be on the book "for life" is accurate. That just sounds like typical attempt to shut down people who want him to leave the book.

  2. Realspideyfan

    If marvel wants to truly sink DC for the next few years I can't think of a better move than to "regretfully" let slott take over batman though I have been loving snyders run and hate to see it end.

  3. Phantom Roxas

    We've made it through five years of Slott's run. I think we can manage another two. In five days, it will have already been two years since Superior ended, not counting the Edge of Spider-Verse issues.

  4. Phantom Roxas

    I think his only claim to know what to do with Superman is that he really, REALLY hates Man of Steel. But that's only a case of knowing what NOT to do instead of having a story that's actually good on its own.

  5. Jack

    He already had success with Batman, as #24 points out. But he comes off to me as too much the "cynical, angry liberal" to know what to do with Superman.

  6. Joe Mercado

    Let's see, if Slott is staying till 2018, and ASM is getting published Bi-Weekly, that means I'm going to miss out on an additional 48 issues, give or take a few. How sad.

  7. Chase the Blues Away

    Dan Slott wrote Arkham Asylum: Living Hell in 2004. The collection got a starred review from Booklist (not a pushover) and this comment: "Slott's script and the compositional variety among the separate frames are first rate for ingenuity and momentum. This, the first story arc from the magazine Arkham Asylum, is just so fun!" He also wrote Batman Adventures vol. 2, with Ty Templeton on art, and an issue of Superman Adventures. Plus he had a short run on JLA: Classified. Apparently he didn't stink up the room, since this work led to his Marvel work. Also, since Dan has used most of his social media time going ballistic over Batman vs. Superman, he obviously believes he has an affinity for the characters and knows them better than their current owners. So to Slott I would say say :go have fun in Burbank with the DC people, Dan. Get out of your current situation, stagnant on so many levels. Spread your wings. Take a risk. Staying in one place too long leads to atrophy.

  8. Adam Stabelli

    I don't want Slott ruining my favorite hero in all of fiction, Batman. Lord knows he's already ruined my favorite Marvel hero, Spider-Man.

  9. WolfCypher

    No. Keep this fool the hell away from Batman and Superman. Have him write episodes for those god awful Disney XD shows.

  10. Crime Master

    I actually wouldn't mind seeing him write those two to be honest (he clearly wants to be writing Batman in particular judging by what he's done to Peter!) I feel that he can be a decent writer, but he's long since run out of steam on Spidey, and I just plain hate his take on the character now. I'm just relieved that there's a (hopeful) end in sight for him.

  11. Al

    Why would he want to write batman? He's been having too much fun turning Spider-Man into Batman throughout his run. The costumes, the gadgets, the company, the Knightfall-esque Superior storyline, the Spider signal from Superior #3, ripping of Batman Inc., ripping off Hush for Norman currently

  12. Frontier

    @#13 - Joker dressed up like Batman and did Batman things in a Joker kind of way, but he didn't pull a Superior on Bruce.

  13. Itsmichaelreid

    I feel he would be the best in writing The Flash or Shazam (aka Captain Marvel for you purists) and he would be pretty decent in writing maybe Red Hood and the Outlaws or Teen Titans but Superman and Batman?! Superman..maybe. Batman...HELL NO. @12 Wasn't that an Episode of "The Batman"?

  14. Bill

    I guess it wouldn't be long before we got "The Hilarious Batman" where the Joker transfers his consciousness into Bruce Wayne's body. Hmm, that actually might make for some pretty interesting stories come to think of it. Or he might go with a straight up Lex Luthor / Clark Kent thing and do the "The Superior Superman". I suppose he could then just call himself "Superiorman" to save time.

  15. Mark Alford

    We could start a Kickstarter campaign to buy out his Marvel contract for DC. With the money many of us saved from dropping the current run, we might could do it. :) @#3 - awesome

  16. Jason

    DC's already destroyed its characters, in my opinion. Slott can have at them. They can't get any worse.

  17. Nick MB

    @7 If the book is still selling as well as it is now in 2018 (it's still basically their highest selling ongoing, and the second biggest selling superhero ongoing in the industry behind Snyder's Batman), then he still probably has an argument for being the dependable bet. Also, the narrative that editorial are desperately trying to move Slott off the book and are just waiting until they have an excuse probably isn't true.

  18. dornwolf

    As a fan of both Superman and Batman. I wish to thank Marvel for this. I literally panicked a little when I saw his name. You don't follow Grant Morrison, Scott Snyder with Dan Slott. That's the opposite of what needs to happen on Batman.

  19. RDMacQ

    Dan Slott's contract with Marvel is until 2018. That doesn't mean he will stay on Spider-Man until then. Mostly what this means is that the creators won't work for anyone else. But, that doesn't mean that Marvel has to give him work, or keep him on ASM until then. Chris Claremont revealed years ago that he was technically still under contract at Marvel. But he hadn't written anything for them for years. Now, I doubt the same thing will happen with Slott, but just because he's under contract until 2018 does not mean that he will work on Spider-Man until that point. If anything, it would make editorial sense to move a creator off of a book BEFORE their contract is up. That way they have more negotiating power when it comes time to renegotiate. Slott on ASM in 2015 has a lot of sway to get what he wants, especially coming off of Superior. Slott off ASM in 2018 gives Marvel more weight, since he doesn't have as much to fall back on.

  20. Phantom Roxas

    I've figured he'll be gone right by the time the new movie comes out, so the first half of 2017. That might be earlier than the article indicates, but I could see the contract running out being a reason for him leaving.

  21. Frontier

    Dan Slott is not a name I would want to see among DC's Rebirth creative teams, nor writing flagship books like Superman and Batman. Maybe a fun, silver age-esque, smaller title, which would probably work better for him and not put him in the spotlight. Though, honestly, I don't think he would have been able to get away with near as much as he has with Spider-Man if he were at DC. He'd probably still get all up in arms with fans critical of his work and opinions. I could see him and the Superman fans at CBR having a field day with each other.

  22. thomasmets

    He said he was offered the titles when he was up for renegotiation. From the tweet DC offered him the books but he decided to re-up with Marvel anyway. At least that's my impression.

  23. Aziz

    Let him be the writer who handles comicbooks biggest two boy scouts, he deserves that honor. Hopefully, he does a better job with their characterization than he did with Spider-Man.

  24. ryan3178

    Since I'm still kind of mad at DC, they can have him, but I fear the earliest he be off of Spider-Man would be 2017 if Dead No More is the wrap up of his Doc Ock story that has been going for seven years now. Plus, we know he still has his Hush... I mean Goblin story and Parker Industries still going too.

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