Invincible Iron Man #8 “Mary Jane/Spider-Man” Centric Review

Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 8Tell Mister Stark I decline the job offer – Mary Jane    May I ask– – F.R.I.D.A.Y    No  – Mary Jane
Cool. My spider glows for no apparent reason. Tell her
(Meaning F.R.I.D.A.Y)
I said hi. – Spider-Man (Me: Sigh)



• Spider-Man, War Machine and Iron Man team up to stop a brand new threat to the Marvel Universe… like only they can. All this plus more hints to next summer’s insane Marvel blockbuster event.

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
ARTIST: Mike Deodato Jr
PENCILER: Mike Deodato Jr
INKER: Mike Deodato Jr
COLORIST: Frank Martin
COVER ARTIST: Mike Deodato Jr, Frank Martin
EDITORS: Tom Brevoort, Alanna Smith

The Story:

Mary Jane: This time round Mary Jane had less to do as she only appeared in 2 pages of the issue, but what she did in those two page says a lot. For not only does she decline the offer, she also does it in a way that goes opposite of what happened in issue #7, which if I’m honest had me scratching my head and wondering what’s going on.

Spider-Man: After the single page of issue #7, which was given away by the released preview, Spider-Man had a lot more to do as he was given 8 pages, which consisted helping Tony track down Rhodey, fight techno ninjas and someone called Taikyaku Shiro who seems to have the ability to simply grab any tech in her vicinity, including Spidey’s webshooters and use them against him and Tony, oh and did I forget to mention, he also had the job of  being annoying to not only myself but to Iron Man as well, which he blames on being Jet lagged, and also referencing 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Wizard of Oz.

My Thoughts:

Mary Jane: As I mentioned in the story section, what Mary Jane did got me scratching my head and wondering what Bendis was up to, because if you look back at issue #7, you will see that Bendis uses the exact same panel to illustrate what happened hours ago, but instead of what we saw in #7, where Mary Jane seems to accept not only the job offer, but Tony leaving for Japan to find Rhodey, so much so, that she volunteers to give him Peter’s Emergency Number in order for Tony to contact him for help, in this issue she does a 180, becoming actually upset at the fact that Tony’s leaving her alone to go to Japan and leaving her with FRIDAY as her guide, soo upset that when he leaves she tells FRIDAY to inform Mr Stark that she declines the job offer, and when aked why, Mary Jane says No to answering it, cutting off the question.

Invincible Iron Man #7

Invincible Iron Man #7

Invincible Iron Man #8

Invincible Iron Man #8

Now I’m not going to pretend to understand what’s going on here, one issue she seems to accept everything and the next she doesn’t and Bendis doesn’t even touch on the fact that she gave Tony Peter’s Emergency Number, as a matter of fact he seems to have totally retconned the whole Mary Jane giving the number scenario, although to be fair, Peter did still show up to help and from that, I can only assume that the event did happen. It’s just the way the Panel played out, because in #8 when he tells Mary Jane he’s leaving for Japan, he was still putting on his armour, but in #7, he completed putting on his armour and was still contacting Peter after the indirect recommendation from Mary Jane herself.

And after much confusion, the only thing left for me, is to speculate on what this means, if it means anything. Because as we allAmazing Spider-Man Vol 4 12_Textless know from the future Solicitation of Amazing Spider-Man #12, Mary is most definitely part of Invincible Iron Man and to have her decline the offer at this stage, just wouldn’t make sense, the only thing we need, is an answer as to how she would be persuaded to return, and given what happened on the final double page of the issue, with a little help from FRIDAY I suspect, Mary Jane will likely return in order to help FRIDAY in finding out what happened to Tony and Spider-Man, especially since it would involve Peter, because no matter her feelings about his Spider-Man life, she, I still like to believe, backed up by her still having THE number, still loves him, and not to do something to help/save Peter would not sit well with her.

Spider-Man:  I’ll be honest here, when I heard that Spider-Man was guest staring in the book, I had high hopes for the character, not only because it was Bendis writing him,  but also the possible reunion between him and Mary Jane, which once again did not happen this time round, sigh, maybe next issue, unfortunately, whether it was due to how he is being written in his own book, or something else, I just couldn’t get excited about Spider-Man being here, because every time I read a line or viewed Spidey’s action scenes, which weren’t all that exciting by the way, all I could see was an annoying character who was trying too hard to be funny, to such an extent that I simply turned off from him, and concentrated on the rest of the book, and by doing so, it’s actually a great read. And before I forget, once again Spidey does not bring up the question as to “HOW” Tony got hold of his “Emergency Number”, for someone whose supposed to be a genius, asking the obvious questions seem to go over his head.

The Art:

Mary Jane: What can I say about Mike’s art that I haven’t already said in previous reviews, I know what, this time I can say that there is improvement of his depiction of her, this time I could see that she’s upset about something, without dialogue. given that, he still has a way to go before I can say he’s at the level of David Marquez.

Spider-Man: As with Mary Jane Mike has improved his depiction of Spider-Man, actually it was the only good thing about him Superman vs The Amazing Spider-Manin the wholeInvincible Iron Man (2015-) 008-003 book. I especially liked two scenes he did, one of which apparently give tribute to a certain Superman Vs The Amazing Spider-Man 1976 issue.



 Invincible Iron Man (2015-) 008-020MY GRADES:

Mary Jane: Portrayal: B+ Art: B+

Spider-Man: Portayal: C- Art: B+



Be sure to keep an eye out for

Invincible Iron Man #9, scheduled for May 4th, 2016

Note: according to a recent Newsarama article, the image of Mary Jane donning Iron Man’s Armour WILL NOT be used as the cover for issue #9 or even I assume a variant and will be replaced with the first image.

Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 9 Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 9 Textless


Invincible Iron Man 2015- 007-018Which would also means that the woman in the armour is more likely NOT Mary Jane but <<her from the final page of Invincible Iron Man #7



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