Spider-Man: Homecoming

SMHC1That’s the official title of the Marvel produced Sony Spider-Man reboot featuring the MCU Spider-Man, Tom Holland.

Originally, Ashley brought this to our attention on the Facebook Crawlspace Admin page – but we kinda poo-poo’d it, thinking it didn’t pass the smell test and seemed like clickbait. But sure enough, she was right. Or rather the article she linked was right. Then early this morning our reviewer Mohammed/Animehunter posted it on the Crawlspace Reviewers’ Page, linking to an article at WhateverASpiderCan.com by the great Mike McNulty (aka Spectacular Mike, aka Stillanerd, aka Tommy Hot-Pants Jr., aka Jack La Ventura), formerly a reviewer for this site and he who mankind calls ‘Spectacular Mike’ on the podcast each month. From Spectacular Mike:

As reported by The Wrap and Variety, Sony Pictures Chairman, Tom Rothman, and actor Tom Holland, who will play Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War and in the reboot, officially unveiled the title during this year’s CinemaCon in Las Vegas. As for why they chose Spider-Man: Homecoming, Rothman explained it as thus: “It’s obviously a high school reference and shows Peter Parker’s enduring conflict — saving the world and getting your homework done.”

Mike has more info over at WhateverASpiderCan.com, including possible details about the new villain. *cough*Vulture*cough*

So thanks to Mike, Ashley, Mohammed, The Wrap, Variety and a lot of other websites.

–George “Lamenting The Clickbait That Wasn’t!” Berryman!

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  1. Al

    https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/d8/Mary_Jane_Homecoming.jpgMy dream? Spider-Man: Homecoming starring Zedanya as Mary Jane and Michale Keaton as Adrian Toomes Spider-Man: The Master Plannner starring Alfred Molina as Doc Ock Spider-Man: Sinister Six starring Bryan Cranston as Norman OsbornMy nightmare? Spider-Man: Homecoming starring Shai Laboef as Uncle Ben and Miley Cyrus as Carlie Cooper Spider-Man: Spider Island starring Jesse Eisenberg as Miles Warren Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage starring Tom Holland, Tom Holland, Tom Holland, Tom Holland, Tom Holland, Tom Holland, Tom Holland and...Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane...@#10: That makes sense because thnydon’t havetheieir films back to new #1s every year@#13: LMAO. Yeah and Doc Ock was the first villain to appear in a THIRD issue and Sandman was the first villain to appear in FOURTH issue ;)@#18:...Zedanya for MJ?????????

  2. Crime Master

    Indifferent towards the title frankly but it could've been worse. The logo looks pretty cheesy, but I think that suits Spidey just fine (I'm wondering if perhaps the movies will get darker as certain events from the comics happen and the logo will gradually alter to reflect that)

  3. hornacek

    @20 - Oh right, I forgot about the Iron Man sequels. Well, it was their first sequel (Incredible Hulk was more of a reboot) so they probably hadn't thought of doing subtitles until after IM2. And when it came time for IM3 I guess they figured it'd be strange to go with "Iron Man: The Mandarin Strikes" instead of "Iron Man 3" when the previous film was "Iron Man 2".

  4. WarlockNem

    @10 I've always wondered why they didn't go the route of utilizing subtitles instead of numbers for the sequels of Iron Man but did for all of the other movies.

  5. hornacek

    @19 - If Michael Keaton is the Vulture then he has to look like this: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/DK3R-42kusE/maxresdefault.jpg

  6. Frontier

    @#15 - If we're lucky, they'll go that route, though there's still the question of how they're going to handle MJ and who's going to play her. But I would love them to handle it like that.And in other news: http://www.newsarama.com/28834-batman-to-play-spider-man-homecomings-viillain.htmlMichael Keaton of Batman fame is being eyed to play the villain, presumably Vulture, though I could see him doing well with a variety of Spider-Man Rogues.

  7. ItsMichaelReid

    Heck yeah Vulture! It makes sense for him to be the villain seeing as he was the first true Super villain (sorry chameleon fans) Spidey's ever fought!! I hope the really upplay his creepiness and just how messed up and wrong Toomes really is. Like an example of this I can think of in recent memory was back in Superior Spiderman where Vulture took kids and made him his henchmen which through Ock over the edge. Which at the time I couldn't help but think that what Vulture was doing was the same thing that the Shredder did back in the TMNT film back in the 90s But hey I'm all for Spiderman Homecoming to use this as a plot line or point in some capacity it would certainly make it easy for Peter's High school and Spidey life to cross and for once not because Peter has personal relationship to the villain somehow but because maybe a troubled friend of his went into the wrong crowds and joined Vulture's gang. Hey just spit balling here!!

  8. Yvonmukluk

    Doesn't Homecoming involve a dance/ball of some kind? I'm British, we don't have that over here. I wonder if that means this will be a running gag over the course of the movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAPhStV29dM ?

  9. Frontier

    @#11 - I doubt we're going to see MCU!Kingpin in a Spider-Man movie.They want to keep the movies and Netflix shows separate because of the vastly different target audiences and age groups they're aimed at. They don't want kids to see Daredevil and Kingpin in the movies and then check out Daredevil because it's definitely not appropriate or aimed at them.

  10. tickbite

    I know I'm alone here, but for some reason the Vulture has always been my favorite villain. He just has something about him that screams "Classic Spidey".

  11. tnr105

    Still not sure if Vulture can carry his own movie, honestly. I'd kinda wish they'd bring in Kingpin from the Daredevil Netflix series. D'Onofrio said he'd be game. Have Kingpin send the likes of Vulture and maybe Shocker after Spidey.

  12. hornacek

    @6 - The Marvel movies are avoiding numbers in their sequels (i.e. Captain America: The Winter Soldier, not Captain America 2) so it would make sense they would want their first Spidey movie to be "Spider-Man" and they can add sub-titles to the sequels.And including an adjective would just make sequel titles even longer (i.e. "The Spectacular Spider-Man: The Legion of Losers" - hey, I can dream).

  13. hornacek

    @7 - It's in the latest episode of his Comic Book Film Revue podcast (Donovan, Josh, Stella, Chris). SPOILER: none of them liked the movie.Don is also on the Views From The Longbox episode where Michael Bailey a bunch of people (including Donovan and Jon Wilson) go out after seeing the movie and discuss it over dinner (come for the in-depth film discussion, stay for the food and drink orders).

  14. Frontier

    @#3 - Where did Donovan share his opinion Batman v. Superman? I really want to hear what he has to say. Was it on The Batman Universe?

  15. Frontier

    I would've preferred they just use a new adjective, like Spectacular, to differentiate it from the last two Spider-Man movie franchises, but I guess I understand the creative reasoning for going with "Homecoming" given the various meanings it has:- Spider-Man returning to Marvel and a shared Marvel universe.- Spider-Man returning to his first solo film in years.- Emphasizes the high school aspect.- A reference to Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane.

  16. xonathan

    Spider-Man: Homecoming followed by their sequels Spider-Man: Graduation Spider-Man: College Spider-Man: Paying Bills

  17. hornacek

    “It’s obviously a high school reference and shows Peter Parker’s enduring conflict — saving the world and getting your homework done.” What do they think "homecoming" means? It's a dance has nothing to do with homework, or balancing your home life with work/school life. "Spider-Man: Balance" would have been more appropriate if that's what they were going for.The villain is the Vulture? Poor Donovan; first BvS ruined movie-Batman for him, and now they choose one of his least-favorite Spidey villains for the reboot. He's not having a great month.They'll probably give Vulture some offensive weapons - an old man that can fly doesn't scream "great cinematic villain".

  18. Spider-Matt

    I like the title alright and the logo is cool I suppose.As for the Vulture, I hope he's a cold open villain. We see Spidey fight Jim while the credits roll or something. We get a good indication of his quips and get a fun little scene.

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