Downey JR Joins Spider-Man:Homecoming

tumblr_m96d97JGYb1r350vwo1_400It’s official, Iron Man will be in the new Spider-Man:Homecoming movie. Variety is reporting that Robert Downey Jr has just signed a deal to co-star in the movie with actor Tom Holland. What are your thoughts? 

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  1. Big John

    @31 hashtagheckyeahGeorgeBerryman I agree with this guy on all matters of Spider-Man ever. Hobgoblin, Marriage, movies, you name it. Screw JR, GB's the greatest Crawlspacer! (said facetiously - not an insult; much love JR, much love)

  2. Mark Alford

    I think that since the Avengers universe is already established in the MCU, it is actually more like Spider-Man crashing in on their territory and not so much them being shoehorned into his. At least I assume this is their thoughts on it. I'm just happy that Spidey finally exists in this world and if it takes Iron Man to make it happen, at least it is the Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man. They could have saddled Spidey with lesser characters to attempt to build up the Avengers stock (a la Ultimate cartoon (and I know, Cage and Iron Fist aren't exactly lesser characters, but they were in that cartoon)). Yeah, I'll take Iron Man.

  3. Frontier

    @#32 - At the same time, I think we should've always expected there would be other MCU characters popping up and having some kind of role in the new Spider-Man so as to better showcase that this Spider-Man is now in a shared universe with other heroes. And there seems to be a bond that develops between Peter and Tony in Civil War that looks like it'll be carrying over into this movie.

  4. xonathan

    @32 But George, if they cast a Tibetan character with an Asian character, Asians would not like that. Especially China, they do not like Tibetans. Sucks though...

  5. George Berryman

    @31 I am still pretty much in that camp. Marvel's done things with the films that I haven't liked much here and there. Iron Man 3 was a let down for me, for instance. I'm still not thrilled with Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One; I love her talent and work but to me it was miscast and should be an Asian actor. I am sure it will work out though. But Spider-Man... for the last several years it's like Marvel just can't stop shoe horning non-Spidey stuff into Spidey comics-wise. And it worries me that this may affect the films now as well. The new Spidey MCU Spidey movie should just be Spidey. We don't need Tony Stark in it. At all. For the few things Feige & Marvel Studios do wrong they do hundreds of things right.

  6. C-Spider31

    Whatever happened to the 'Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige can't do wrong with Spider-Man' mentality at the Crawlspace? It feels almost like a 180 happened reading these comments...

  7. Big John

    I'm liking what I'm hearing about this movie less and less. My hopes were so high when this happened, and stoked by the good things I'm hearing about Spidey's appearance in Civil War. But, this "Michelle" character, and now RDJ showing up? I'm as happy that he's in the MCU where he belongs as mich as the next fan, but now that he's here, just let Spidey be his own thing. Don't bleed over into these other franchises, and pleaseohplease adapt Greg Weisman's "no new characters" rule. Peter has the best supporting cast in all of comics. They should NOT be making up new characters for the movie. And if Michelle is of the Gonzales persuasion: why? We've never seen the Betty/Liz rivalry on the big screen, with the build up to MJ's reveal the whole time. Anyways, I'm fine with Marvel keeping film adaptations pretty loose with most of their franchises, but Spidey's perfectly adaptable as he is. Just move those good comic stories onto the silver screen, DIsney, that's all you need to do. Don't try and put your own "spin" on him.

  8. Frontier

    So I guess Laura Harrier and Tony Revolori's joining the cast doesn't warrant it's own news article?

  9. Sano

    As far as not referencing Spider-Man in the TV shows, it kind of doesn't matter in my mind.It already happened. Skye already did it in the very first episode of Agents of SHIELD when she said something to the effect of, "With great power comes... a lot of weird stuff." Don't need more than that. In my mind some costumed kid - Spider-Man - was already running around doing his thing and some hipster caught him on his cellphone saying his famous line to somebody. Skye saw the vid on Youtube and there ya go. WHERE'S MY NO PRIZE YOS? :P

  10. RDMacQ

    @#25- We also don't know how Civil War may play out. Tony could be feeling guilty out of what happens to Steve and Peter in the film, and wants to make amends. Tony could be trying to do right by Peter, and Peter is reluctant to get involved with Tony because of what went down before. Another possibility? Well, Aunt May is now played by Marisa Tomei... whom Robert Downey Jr has referred to as being "attractive." Perhaps Tony Stark is trying to mentor Peter... to get a shot at his aunt!

  11. asdf

    #23: Actually, as an origin, I could totally see a pre-powers Peter having Tony be an idol. He may be arrogant to the public, but he's also a world famous genius multi-billionaire scientist who has saved the world multiple times. It's like a kid interested in science now days having Elon Musk or Dean Kamen as a personal hero. THAT SAID, we also have the question of how he reacts after getting to know Tony personally, since there's always the saying of "Never meet your idols". (Also don't know if registration per se will ever be a part of the MCU, since I'm not really seeing registration itself as a part of the Civil War movie. From the trailers, the War seems based on Cap giving Bucky the benefit of a doubt about some attack, and Tony wanting to capture Bucky)

  12. RDMacQ

    @#20- Actually, part of the deal with Sony is that Spider-Man cannot be referenced in any of the TV Shows. That's not speculation, that is part of the deal. Again, probably to go back to that notion of trying to appeal to an all-ages audience. Or Sony doesn't want to give up all the rights completely, and wants to keep at least something as a bargaining chip at further negotiations

  13. herbiepopnecker

    I can see science geek Parker being awed by Stark, but that's all - I hope. I'm not seeing an origin here, all for the best imo.

  14. Friendly Reminder

    This stinks. I feel Marvel are trying to brainwash a whole generation into thinking the one from the USM animated series, the pro-yung upstart Avenger who plays with all the big boy's toys is the way to go rather than the struggling urban everyman who existed outside the fringes of the superhero community. It's something that led the character to ruin in 2006 and continues to ruin him to this day.

  15. Frontier

    @#16 I don't think there are any deals in place that prevent the Netflix heroes from crossing over into the movies or vice-versa, it's just Marvel doesn't want to include Netflix characters, who are intended for all audiences, into their generally all-ages films so kids don't see them and then think "hey, why don't I check out these characters on Netflix? They look cool!" Of course, given Spider-Man is a co-production between Sony and Marvel Studios, that probably makes it even harder to work in the Netflix characters. But I don't think there's any deal against referencing him, it's just the Netflix shows were originally produced before Marvel was able to get the rights back (relatively speaking).

  16. Evan

    I am interested to see how -- in any universe -- Peter would want to side with Tony on pro-registration, given his secret identity and all. We've seen the result of it in the books. Maybe Tony will make a cameo as a result of an eventual falling out in Civil War, and he's just there to make amends. Whatever the rationale, I think having Tony in the movie will assuage whatever difficulty I may have adjusting to the new Spider-man "status quo."

  17. xonathan

    This just makes me so apprehensive. It's all smelling like this is going to be "Ultimate Spider-man: The Movie" and that sucks. If they announced it, it's not going to be a small part like a cameo of after credits scene. The fact the negotiations failed with Keaton could be an indication that they couldn't meet his $$$ requirement because they had to pay RDJ his share. So we lost Keaton for RDJ. Again, not looking good.

  18. Crime Master

    @#13 I would love a cap mentorship, Tony could never be a good influence on peter in ANY of his incarnations and I feel that despite their shared intellect, their personalities are too utterly seperate for the father and son thing to work (despite Peters recent characterisation that is...) Cap on the other hand is everything Peter strives to be, and would make a great mentor for him, I've always wanted to see more of that dynamic in the comics and I was really hoping they'd do it with the films. I don't really like Peter being made into a trainee who has to learn from the other heroes, since he predates most in the mainstream Marvel Universe and has survived as his own character for years, far exceeding them in longterm popularity, but if any Avenger has the right to play teacher, it's the Cap.

  19. RDMacQ

    Unfortunately, due to the deals involved, we're unlikely to see Daredevil in the cinematic universe, much less appear in a Spider-Man film. I've heard reports that due to the Netflix deal, the characters who appear there will not appear in the big screen films. In addition, Spider-Man cannot be referenced in any of the Marvel live action TV shows. So, as cool as it would be to see Spider-Man and Daredevil interact, or see Spider-Man battle the Kingpin, we're unlikely to see it on the big screen.

  20. ryan3178

    Man, how I would love a quick Murdock cameo in Homecoming and even a brief meeting with the Kingpin. Oh that would be sweet.

  21. MRstarkiller360

    @#13 - I agree I would rather have Cap or the Scarlet Witch or Daredevil over Tony however I'm trying to see the best of a not so great situation

  22. Frontier

    @#10 - MCU Tony is still kind of an A-hole though. It's why I was hoping Peter would bond with Cap over Iron Man. @#12 - And the only thing setting this Spider-Man apart from the other two film franchises, aside from the emphasis on High School, is the shared universe aspect.

  23. RDMacQ

    This does kind of make sense in the greater scheme of things. Marvel Studios seems very keen on cross promoting all their characters in each others' films. When you look at Civil War, which stars practically almost all of the Avengers and them some to this point, and Thor: Ragnorok, which will be a Thor/ Hulk buddy picture, this essentially is just keeping with that pattern.

  24. George Berryman

    @9 - <i>"If Downey is signing on, I think that means that Disney has a lot more say over the Spider-Man movies than it was originally reported when they made the deal."</i> See... this has always been understood by me and I know by Mike McNulty. Official press releases give you the fact - not the journey. I never once bought they "and Sony still has creative control" bullshit, because that's exactly what it was - bullshit. And everything leading up to that... the underwhelming performance of ASM2, the damage done to Sony by the email leaks... all of it smelled of Sony going to Kevin Feige and saying "Please save us from ourselves." Which is why I always say if Sony was smart they would listen to Feige and STFU. They would learn to nod when Feige tells them how to do it - or just let him do it for 'em.

  25. MRstarkiller360

    I'm 50 50 about it, because look : this is not the asshole Iron-Man from the comics who destroyed Peter's Life, so it could be a better take of a father and son relashionship than in the comics or it could be something else who knows, it might work out in the end.

  26. Mark Alford

    If Downey is signing on, I think that means that Disney has a lot more say over the Spider-Man movies than it was originally reported when they made the deal. For that, I'll take an Iron Man / kid Spider-Man mentorship. Plus, I'm not thinking that this will bear much resemblance to the comic version of Civil War, so any problems we have with the books version doesn't have to affect the movie experience.

  27. Ryan3178

    I can see it being similar to a cameo. We know that Homecoming won't show the origin again. I can see this post Civil War. Even helping the Parkers in a small way.

  28. Al

    @#2:; What Crime Master said. Hopefully it'll be like how Hulk was in IM3 or Cap was in Thor: Dark World. I don't want this as a team up movie and I hate the Peter/Tony pairing in general, not least because of the shit that resulted from it in Civil War I and if they play up Tony as a father'll make more sense than it did for 616 Peter in the comics when he was an adult but nevertheless Tony is too young to be his Dad in universe and he's not Dad material in this universe.

  29. Frontier

    @#4 - Yeah, I'm kind of wondering why the Crawlspace is taking so long to report their casting. I even posted about it in the movie thread.

  30. Kayla

    Woah, this was fast, still waiting on you guys to announce Laura Harrier and Tony Revolori being cast. Also it seems Keaton is out so cast still no where near complete.

  31. WolfCypher

    Quick! Hide this from George! Someone find a Stegron article! FIND A STRGRON ARTICLE!!

  32. Enigma_2099

    We're gonna ingrain how important these two are to each other, you won't even remember how much they should hate each other after the first Civil War.

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