Spidey in New Captain America:Civil War Trailer

moviearm“You have a metal arm? That is awesome dude!” Spidey takes out the Falcon with one kick and quips with the Winter Solider. It’s not a big line, but it’s a fun one.  I can’t wait for this movie!

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  1. Spider-Dad

    Looks like his power set is going to be just right. Spider-Man is faster, stronger and has better skills, even as the "young" version. This I like. So if Spidey is going to be portrayed more like he was when Roger, JMS, Stan and Tom DeFalco wrote him...well, that suits me just fine!

  2. C-Spider31

    I love this trailer, even though I didn't plan on watching it. Such a great display of Spidey's strength without being totally obvious about it, and a good line. Man, now I'm getting more excited about Spidey in the MCU than before!

  3. Al

    I would like to take this moment to thank Marvel for this trailer on my birthday. It was very thoughtful of them and btw it was awesomesauce

  4. Jack

    I wonder what strength level they're setting Spidey at in this film. They have had issues staying consistent with Cap, according to Christ Evans. Even as a teen, I think Peter ought to be able to mangle Bucky's arm.

  5. Crime Master

    I just love every line Spidey's said so far! It's obviously too early to fully judge since it's been so little, but I'm growing more and more hopeful that they've got Spidey right. It'll be interesting to see his Parker persona, I'm hoping it'll be more reserved and calm, an aspect that neither the Raimi films or the Webb films really nailed was the two very different personalities of Peter and Spider-Man, as far as I'm concerned they should be as different as Superman and Clark Kent, with Peter being the mature level-headed guy, and Spidey a cocky wisecracker.

  6. Kayla

    Eh, taking the Falcon by surprise, the falcon who is just a regular human, the falcon who is limited b/c his only weapons are guns, guns that can actually kill spiderman since he's not bullet proof, so why would Falcon use them on an obviously young as well as unknown individual (not saying that spider-man couldn't possibly dodge them I guess). Basically Falcon is at a big disadvantage and this is not a fight where I'd pump my fist at, on the other hand Spider-Man facing off against the Winter Soldier seems fun.

  7. George Berryman

    @4 - <i>"I’m still not used to Peter sounding so young though, and it should definitely be obvious how old he is in this continuity."</i> I am <i>really</i> struggling with the voice.

  8. Frontier

    I kinda feel bad for Bucky, seeing Spidey no-selling him like that, and for The Avengers that they're having so much trouble with a kid. But seeing him in action and just grabbing Bucky's punch and taking the time to admire it is awesome. I'm still not used to Peter sounding so young though, and it should definitely be obvious how old he is in this continuity.

  9. jason maddox

    i love the shocked look on Buckys face when Spider-man easily grabs his bionic arm to have a look. at least it seems like the MCU wont be portraying Spidey as the helpless chump that Slott has turned him into in the comics.

  10. hornacek

    In the next news episode I want J.R. to discuss the cadence and tone of Spidey's new line.

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