Spider-man/Deadpool #4 Review

Cover 4

Isn’t It Bromantic? Part 4


“I got blown in half last week. I survived. He just made it through school with a dead Uncle. Woop.” – Wade Wilson on subject of Peter Parker (2016)


Written by Joe Kelly


Art by Ed Mc Guinness


Inker Mark Morales


Colour Jason Keith



So things are running a little late, (both from publisher and my review) but here we are, The double date issue! It’s a cliché of sitcoms but a lost art in comics. Add in a major guest star with Thor I think we are in for a fun night …


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Lets begin at the start. The cover started a bit of talk when it was released in previews as it seemed to show what we assumed was Deadpool and Shiklah on a double date with Spider-man and Thor (Jane Foster version). On closer inspection now having read the issue its Deadpool and Thor (unaware) on a double date with Spider-man and Jenny (a Succubus). It is an easy mistake to make thinking Jenny might be Shiklah as design I similar. Jenny also does not appear visually the same inside art. I assume Ed is drawing these covers in advance as little here appears in the book. Spidey is hidden under a holoprojector. The venue is not a Pirate themed Hooter parody “Looters” and Thor never sits down with them. That said its does still give you a great idea on what to expect in the issues story while intriguing you to find out what happens. A prefect balance of both things a good cover should do as well as look appealing.

jaux 4


Peter trying to befriend Deadpool calls him up asking to hang out. Looking to impress his man crush Deadpool arranges for a double date. Deadpool sets up Leonardo Dicaprio (Deadpool’s undercover identity for Spidey) with Jenny a beautiful blonde editor of science journals with whom Peter quickly falls in love with. As the night goes on Peter asks Deadpool when his wife Shiklah will be joining them only to find out Shiklah is not their fourth but Deadpool had tricked Thor into arriving at the club. Things go south when Thor and Jenny clash due to Jenny being part Succubi that hates Asgardians. Upon realizing this is all a Madcap plan of Deadpool for the boys enjoyment the girls force Deadpool and Spider-man to strip and dance the night away for their entertainment instead. As dawn approaches Spider-man thanks Wade for what turned to be a fun night. Things may not stay chummy for long as later that day Deadpool stops by Peter Parkers apartment and shoots him in the head.

thor 4


Ok …. So cards on the table, I’m do not have a lot to say on this issue in terms of Peter’s journey. Peters part is largely reactionary (if not hypnotized) he barely even interacts with guest star Thor. It’s a light issue. As I eluded to earlier it’s the sitcom issue that really amps up the comedy factor of this title. This is actually done for a story telling reason so the final page of Peter being shot really hits hard after being lead skilfully into a false sense of security.


This issue is packed with jokes. Some you might not get on first notice .( Deadpool in a gun fight at the Ed Mc Guinness booth at a comic con in the very first panel, Maggia Pizza, Zombea Arthur and Peter himself on Deadpool’s free pass list). Some old references (Deadpool’s club is the Hellhouse , after his old merc hang out ) and some you might not even get (I’m sure Deadpool’s green jacket is from something but for the life of me I can’t place it. )


I’m glad for this quieter issue. It’s nice to spend some down time with these characters and I think for the journey of their friendship it’s coming at the right time in the series after three action packed issues.


Also to jump ahead in the story I was really happy to see Peter Parker cutting loose near the end of the issue and dancing the night away. As a young man starting to have responsibility that can wear you down and every now and then you need a night just to cut loose, even if you don’t know it going into the evening. It is a Spider-man just having fun and I didn’t realise till I read it how much I missed it. This is the same Peter that would mess with Jameson if given the opportunity.


There might be some controversy or disparagement of Peter falling for Jenny so quickly but I think its important to realise she is a Succubus and is “charming” Peter.

Speaking of women in Peter’s life I am pleased to see Anna Maria Marconi making another appearance. She is easily the best supporting character we have gotten in mainstream comics recently and I do think it’s important for writers other than their creators to use them for these supporting characters to stick. So anytime writers use her I am ecstatic.


Another small part of the issue I don’t want to go to deep into but I feel I need to touch on in the review is that at a point Peter is dressed up by a holoprogramer as an African American. Now this is a subject I am woefully uneducated as an Australian but I do know there are sensitivities when it comes to matters like this. It’s the part I have struggled the most with writing this review. To be honest it did take me out of the issue as I did think to myself “Could this be offensive?” … I still don’t have an answer. The issue has been out for a week so far and I haven’t seen any major discussion on the subject. I’ll just say that if you took no offence to it I can see and understand and if you did take offence to this part I can see and respect that too.


Now the cliffhanger of this issue is something we have been building to since issue 1. Deadpool has had a contract to kill Peter Parker. In this issue we see Deadpool do it in a no frills manner. He just walks right up and shoots him in the head between the eyes. Now obviously this isn’t the lead in to “dead no More” or “Death of Spider” or “Dead Spider in the Pool” so its safe to assume this will not be an enduring event. We know spider-man will be swinging around still as we know death is not permanent in mainstream comics, but since it isn’t affecting other titles I assume we will see this resolved next issue. Whether it is LMD or Shiklah’s connection to the underworld, this will no doubt have an interesting effect on their new friendship and that is really the drama Joe Kelly is setting up here

dirty dancing 4


Ed McGuiness. Can I gloat about this guy any more than I have already. Mark Morales and Jason Keith adding his colours and ink just makes this stuff gold. Another great Juxtaposition page showing Peter and Wades world reflecting. Highlight page for me has to be the dirty dancing parody splash page. (That leads to a dead baby joke you will feel guilty for laughing at). This issue really drilled home however how truly talent Ed is a giving us great personality through facial expressions, After a series of issues following guys in Masks ,Leo, Jenny, Thor, Peter ect really facilitate telling the story in a different approach.

Spider-man v Deadpool

Final Thought

It was an attention-grabbing issue. Aside from the cliff-hanger it wasn’t “action packed” but it was a grand character issue. I do think we need these breather issues. By no means should you skip this issue however if you are enjoying the series. This also a great jumping on point to pick up just if your curious about the series or if you just want a one off fun spider-man book this month with some solid art .


Rating Solid B








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