Podcast # 421-Friday Night Captain America Fight

podcast421picIn this months edition of Friday Night Fight Spider-Man takes on Captain America. This fight took place in Amazing Spider-Man # 534. This fight takes place during the first Civil War and is very timely with the recent movie out. Also Spidey has an Iron Spider suit on the fight, but does that help him? 


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Podcast #420-Captain America:Civil War Movie Review


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  1. Jack

    Did you see in the news today, that Brevoort & Spencer have announced that Steve Rogers has been an agent of Hydra all along? Meaning, his entire 75 yeaR career?

  2. AHunt

    Awesome podcast, I agree 100% with everything said I too loved the issue with Peter and Mary Jane at the airport and I like that Peter was made a teacher. One think I will, I highly believe that the whole Civil War debacle was that so that Marvel would have a way to end the Peter and Mary Jane's marraige and that whole registration act was a filler and a means to accomplish it.

  3. Mark Alford

    Awesome fight and awesome podcast (as usual). I don't know when the multiple Spideys ato show speed started, but it was at least as early as this cover: of ASM #186 http://x.annihil.us/u/prod/marvel/i/mg/d/50/5261750a08296/portrait_incredible.jpg I think I remember hearing somewhere that it originated in a Flash comic, but I cant remember where I read that.

  4. ryan3178

    I agreed on why I hated Civil War I and why I really won't be checking out Civil War II. However, Peter becoming a teacher was great, but the fact it had to be completely thrown out the window after Civil War started. I know JMS had a plan with Kyle, the PE teacher where it was revealed he was a kid who almost joined a gang and wanted to shoot up his old school too. However, decided to channel his anger into sports and educating kids to avoid that type of life. Why he didn't bat much of an eye after the first issue of the kid shooting up the school because he was being bullied so much. I do felt that Peter as a teacher and even working PT doing pics/web for the Daily Bugle would have stilled work given New York's educational system during the early 2000. Where you could make a salary, but were facing high taxes and bills and even coming in at 35K a year wasn't meeting all bills in the city. Moving Peter into Avengers Mansion and Tony's money was not a good move. Not to mention how much I hated Tony during Civil War. It was so horrible! Now, Carol is going to be doing it and Tony being like Captain America.

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