Spider-Man/Deadpool #5 Review

cover 5

“I am the architect of your ultimate fall. I am the null. The Void. The Hell that hungers…and I’m going to tell you a secret”

Isn’t It Bromantic Part 5

Writer : Joe Kelly

Artist: Ed McGuiness

Inker: Mike Morales

Colorist: Jason Keith

letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino

Every Bromance must come to an end. Every comic arc must have its final issue before it is sent off to be traded and this is the Spider-man/Deadpool: Isn’t it bromantic send off. Deadpool has made a lot of mistakes in his day but was killing Peter Parker his biggest yet? Where does Peter’s soul go in the afterlife? And which of his old enemies are on the other side are waiting for him?


A Spider-angel playing a harp to an annoyed Deadpool. I don’t care for this cover much. Frankly the weakest part of the entire title for me so far has been the covers. Not to say they are horrible. Some are satisfactory. I just prefer Ed as an interior artist than a cover guy. I do enjoy the little changes of the symbol. This week Spidey’s eyes are crossed out and Deadpool’s squinting bashfully. Hinting at the story elements inside.

Synopsis (SPOILERS!… You are Warned! )

Peter Parker is Dead

Deadpool, the man who killed Peter, wishing to watch him suffer in hell is shocked to find his soul never arrived. Deadpool brings Peter back from the dead and kills him again.  Still no soul arrives. Deadpool upon realizing he has made a mistake and Peter must not be that bad of a guy enters the afterlife to find Peter battling the soul of Mysterio. Deadpool shows Peter how to form a Patronus Spidey to fight Mysterio. The two are separated quickly after victory. Peter is greeted by aunt May’s saviour Mepshisto who hints at him he is in a fight for his soul and no matter how victorious he is, he will forever be alone. Deadpool greets his ex Death. Knowing his current wife is to weak to bring Peter back again Deadpool strikes a deal with Death to bring Peter back to the living. Deadpool apologizes for killing Peter and promises get the man who framed him (Patient Zero) who also seems to have been impersonating peter for a day at Parker Industries as the story closes

Mystery beast


Wow. What a week for comics, between DC Rebirth and Steve Rogers Captain America 1# who would have thought Spider-man/Deadpool would even make a blip but this issue has been holding third place as most talked about issue of the day. Let us save that for the end as really it isn’t too much apart of the main story.

Peter being dead again is interesting. I kind dislike writers going to this well to often. How many times can a character die and come back. With Joe Kelly behind the wheel I am more forgiving. As predicted in my last review (and by most folks with common sense) Deadpool would reconnect to Peter through his wife Shiklah. Peter’s Journey in the afterlife is “trippy”. It begins with an odd take on the ‘walking towards the light ‘ cliché but with Madam Web at center. Little odd Bee type spider creatures are flying around to which are an interesting design. From Peter’s inner monologue he is not questioning his situation but seems to embrace his death … That changes however as we see Peter reach out to touch Madam Web’s hand only to be transported to some strange purgatory fighting a green purple creature we will learn to be Mysterio. What is Mysterio doing in here? He wasn’t dead last time we saw him but he was in hospital and a strange arm we believe belonged to Patient Zero planting an orb next to him in #3. The same orb is seen by Becks empty bed here at the end of the issue. Could that be where Peter’s soul goes? Deadpool does state later on in the issue that where Peter is, is not Hell.  What does that mean? Not sure, but I’m positive there is more secrets to be revealed here.

Parker is pulled out of Monster Becks clutches as he is brought back to life by Deadpool and Shiklah who couldn’t find Parkers soul in hell. The moment he is back Deadpool shoots him again. This makes for a delightful “have to tried turning it on and off again” gag. This also means Peter Parker has died and comeback twice in two issues. Sometimes I can’t help but feel certain stories are destined for one of these comic news page articles “the time Spider-man died twice”.

My favourite gag of the issue is Shiklah’s minions’ taping a picture of Peter’s face to a skeleton and pretending to torture it in order to cheer Deadpool up for his mistake.

Deadpool crosses over in search of Peter. Peter is battling Mysterio’s manifestations of Uncle Ben, Gwen Stacey and Doc Ock. Making me wonder does Mysterio know whom Peter is? He is battling Peter like Spider-man and bringing in aspects of both his life. The conversation alludes to this being the actual Mysterio and not a trick as he is confused and betrayed by Deadpool’s arrival ? So food for thought

Can I also say I am over the trope of angry Uncle Ben, Gwen and Villains manifesting themselves in Peter’s dream like states… I  think any of these wouldn’t be far from his mind but I feel like I have seen every take on it now. For every manifestation of Uncle Ben giving advice to Peter in comics I’m sure we have seen an angry one attaching him .

Patronus Spidey

Deadpool once again tells Peter that Spider-man asked him to do something by saving him (boy will his face be red when he learns the truth) but he also states to save Peter’s soul he will have to make a “Hail Mary” play. Now maybe I’m reading to much into that American Football phrase but could that be hint of what is to come?

Deadpool convinces spider-man to create a Patronus (spirit animal in Harry Potter that protects you soul) to fight Mysterio. Peter forms a spiritual Spider-man suit to take of Mysterio. Both Wade and Beck comment on how pure Peter’s soul is and both are very surprised that Peter Parker is actually a good man.

At this point Peter meets an old friend but lets save him for a bit and talk about the rest. Deadpool has a run in with Death. This scene might confuse Spidey only readers but in Joe Kelly’s original run Joe introduced the idea of a love affair between Deadpool and Thanos’s girl Death. Since Deadpool struggles to die for more than moments at a time it has always been an on and off again relationship. Here Deadpool calls in a favour for his old flame to save Peter and she obliges for a kiss but warns there will be consequences. I do have to wonder if this is not going to effect the Dead No More arc. Peter returns to the living as I’m sure we all thought he would. Patient Zero, the villain behind the scenes this arc, has spent a day acting as Peter and seems quite pleased with what it was he accomplished. Now I am assuming that’s connected to the experiments Deadpool found in #2. Behind Patient Zero also seem to be the eyes of another… so lets get to it



Mephisto has returned to the realm of Spider-man. I really shouldn’t even have to mention why this is a point of interest for Spidey fans. After OMD Spidey fans took an interest in any appearance of Mephisto. It did seem like after the marriage deal Marvel was keeping him on the down low. He has returned a lot more of recent and he has primarily been appearing in Deadpool books. Mephisto here however is appearing here to Peter. It is only for a brief moment but Peter ponders why fighting in the afterlife is so tiring. Mephisto appears and tells him fighting for his Soul is something of a different experience. Mephisto also tells Peter he has a secret. He will always be missing something and no matter how big of a victory he has he will always be empty.

Now we have to be talking about the wedding here. Does this break the pack Mary Jane has with Mephisto to “leave Peter alone till the end of his days” ? Many have said it is but I don’t think so. At this point Peter is dead. He is out of days.

So could this be the loop hole that gets Peter out. Maybe. Personally I do think this is not the start of “Yet Another Day” story arc. If I had to guess this is Joe Kelly planting a seed? If any writer in the future needs something to grasp onto story wise to bring back the marriage it is right here for the taking.

That said we do see eyes looking a lot like Mephisto’s behind Patient Zero on the last panel so maybe we haven’t seen the last of old red in this title.

I'm going to tell you a secret


SO maybe I was a little mean to Ed with the cover. Let me make that up to him here. Ed your line work here is gorgeous. So clean but with so much fluid character. Subtle touches to like the Mephisto page where removing the panel gutters and giving it  more of a Joe Q style without changing the art. Shiklah and Death are beautiful character designs. I do feel personally this is my favourite interpretation of Peter in current comics. For an everyman character face its still shows so much character.

Wrap up

This issue raises a lot of questions and answers a few. This is the last issue for Joe and Ed until their return in #8. I’m hoping they are planning a much larger story as I feel that there is more going on and we have only seen the opening act.  This issue is shadowed however by a Mephisto rising again but there is also a good story here. Not the strongest issue of this title but still superior than most books on the stand.  

Rating B-

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  1. Friendly Reminder

    Al, I've been in contact with Tom Brevoort about this issue, and he says he had no firsthand knowledge about Mephisto popping up here, but he also emphasised that nobody at Marvel is "allowed to whatever they want" and that had to go through proper channels.

  2. Al

    Eddie, Mysterio has known who Peter is since at least Spider-Men back in 2012 when he was trapped in the Ultimate Universe. Mysterio was also in Cataclysm which occurred in the wake of Age of Ultron breaking down the barriers between parallel universes and timelines bringing 616 Galactus over to the Ultimate Universe. Should Peter’s soul REALLY be this pure given how he made a deal with Satan for entirely immoral reasons? I also think it’s important to contextualize that Mephisto and OMD are cropping up yes, but this comic is coming out of the Deadpool Offices, not the Spider Offices. The editor on this book is Jordan D. White who edits Deadpool. Lewis and Lowe are nowehere to be seen. In Marvel’s deluded minds MJ ‘defeated’ Mephisto so no Mephisto wouldn’t be condemning Peter to lonliness in their minds even though this issue says otherwise. At the same time if the deal could be broken by Peter dying wouldn’t Superior count? Plus the dialogue indicates the deal is still in effect. @ 666andahalf: Peter David has confirmed he did that Undead Mysterio storyline to lay tracks for OMD which otherwise was going to come out of nowhere.

  3. 666andahalf

    So, anyone remember the undead Mysterio from Peter David's Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man? In retrospect that whole thing looked like a harbinger for Mephisto in OMD. Now we have a demonic Mysterio fighting Spider-Man with Mephisto pulling the strings... My personal mindset has always been that Daniel Berkhart is still Mysterio, but playing the "role" of Beck back from the dead. If this Mysterio (who clearly knows who Peter is) is supposed to be Beck, then that kinda confirms the Beck we've been seeing since Brand New Day may not be the real deal. Thoughts?

  4. Crime Master

    I'm honestly not a fan of Deadpool so I wasn't planning on getting into this series, but damn these reviews have made it sound much better than I was expecting it to be, so I might check it out. That Mephisto bit did make my heart race, though I'm sure it'd be in a Slott story if it were going to lead to the end of all the OMD crap. Still I'm more than willing to be surprised....

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