Cobwebs #21: Final Exam 2016



Clear your desk except two number 2 pencils.  It is time for the Cobwebs Final Exam!

Sure – it’s a little early for a Cobwebs post, but then again, exam schedule upends everything anyway.

Yep, all across the nation, high school students are buckling down and hitting the books (I know they don’t really, but as a teacher humor my reality bubble).  Sweat will be beading on foreheads across the fruited plains (and maybe even overseas – I don’t know their testing schedule) as they strain to remember how to find X or the date of the 13th amendment or the gene name for L-Fuculokinase (o.k., no high school teacher in their right mind would ask that one – but you can look it up if you have a mind to).

So I figured it was time to test your Spidey knowledge.  So get ready folks!  Ten easy questions to see if you are a true Spiderphile, or just some loser wannabe.  And remember, if you make a mistake, erase your mark completely.  If you erase the circle, do not redraw the circle as it may be counted as your answer.


 This is a test.  It is only a test.

O.K., here is how this works, you will go to the link below ad enter the game code (which, amazingly, is also below).  There will be ten questions.  They are multiple choice and there is a 30 second time limit for each.  Each question tests your knowledge your knowledge of Spider-Man, although long time (if less than a year can be considered long time) readers of Cobwebs will note that all the answers were given away in previous posts.  Stumbling upon this column for the first time?  Never fear.  True Spider-Man fans will surely know all the answers.

I suggest using the name you use on the site so we can see how well we are doing against each other.  The quiz will compare you against all others who took the quiz before you.  You get points for getting the question correct and more points on how quickly you got it correct.  Feel free in the comments section to post how many you got right and brag about the score you get.  I will periodically post who is in the lead.  On Sunday, I will post our grand champion, who will get all the rights and privileges that come with such an exalted position.


Ready to go?  All righty!  Go to:

Enter game code: 595489


How did you do?

10 Correct – Padawan of the Spider Yoda, you must be.

9 Correct – Walloping Web Snappers!  Nice Job!

8 Correct – You certainly know your way around the Spider universe.

7 Correct – You know so much, you could easily pass for a clone.

6 Correct – You could get a job as a Daily Bugle Fact Checker.

5 Correct – Hmmm, maybe you are new to all of this?

4 Correct – O.K., you need to go back and read these posts.

3 Correct – Probably attributable to luck of the draw (it is multiple choice).

2 Correct – Congratulations! You should consider applying for an editor position at Marvel!

1 Correct – One?  That’s all?  That’s just Crazy Town Banana Pants.

0 Correct – You fail.  Prepare for summer school.


Oh, and before you go back and try to do it again now that you know the answers, remember that God, Big Brother, Santa Claus, and Nick Fury* are watching you.

This contest is open until Saturday.  The quiz will remain up for a short time after that (the site puts a deadline on it).  I will, whenever I am on that site, extend the deadline, but if you are coming across this post after the deadline and it doesn’t work, just shoot me an email and I’ll extend it again for you (as long as the Quizizz site allows).

Good luck!


Icredible hulkmages:

Feature Image (altered)

Spider Signal/Board

Credible Hulk


* Is Nick Fury still the Watcher after Secret Wars?  Does anybody know? Does anybody care?

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(17) Comments

  1. Mark Alford - Post author

    Final Ranking -The Smartest Student in the Cobwebs class is.....MRKNEES! Congrats sir! You pass with honors. That is quite an accomplishment seeings that you beat out 126 others. Feel free to give a speech!I hope everyone had fun. If you want your exact standing, just click this link to see it in a pdf file:

  2. Mark Alford

    @hornacek - it is the same quiz. I figured if people were having fun trying to answer then faster, then more power to them. But I also wanted to distinguish that from those who got 10 right on the first try.As long as people are enjoying it, that's all that matters to me.

  3. hornacek

    @Mark Alford"repeated tries"? Are they different questions each time? I assumed it was the same 10 questions every time, in which case getting a better score your second/third/etc try isn't really a reflection on your Spider-knowledge but your ability to write down the results the previous time and then try again and focus on clicking on what you already know is the correct answer as quickly as possible.

  4. Mark Alford - Post author

    Update as of Tuesday 10:20 pm EST: 104 players - I'll do two standings - the first is the top five one first try The second is top five on repeated try:Top Five First Try: 1. Mrknees - 9550 - 10 correct 2. Kieron - 9510 - 10 correct 3. Todd - 9490 - 10 correct 4. Elvix - 9400 - 10 correct 5. Jack o lantern - 9370 - 10 correctTop Five Repeated Tries: 1. Murphe - 9530 - 10 correct 2. Kyle - 9460 - 10 correct 3. Jesús Ángel - 9350 - 10 correct 4. Drew - 8600 - 9 correct 5. Schmed - 8510 - 9 correct

  5. Mark Alford - Post author

    Monday Quiz Standings Update (as of 11:48 am EST):Top Ten Quizzers (out of 74 players):1. Mrknees - 9550 (10 correct) 2. Todd - 9490 (10 correct) 3. Jack o lantern - 9370 (10 correct) 4. Drew* - 8600 (9 correct) 5. JAP* - 8460 (9 correct) 6. KungLu - 8400 (9 correct) 7. Henry** - 8310 (9 correct) 8. Thomas Mets - 8150 (9 correct) 9. Bernardo* - 7510 (8 correct) 10. Sam - 7060 (8 correct)It appears that the hardest two questions are the black suit one (21% accuracy) and the Spider-Mobile one (18% accuracy) and the easiest on is the Sin Eater one (77% accuracy).

  6. Al

    70%. I legit screwed up on one of the questions, had to go pot luck on one of them and the other one was a dirty trick answer!

  7. Mark Alford - Post author

    I was trying out the image click that I did on the last two posts specifically for this one, but then I found the Quizizz site while looking for something for my high school class. I made them the guinea pigs (but with literary terms instead of Spider-Man questions) and it seemed to work OK, so I thought I would use it here instead. I was worried that offsite link would be the downfall of the idea.@ hornacek - well, if BD doesn't kick me off the site before then, maybe we can do it again next final exam time.@ BD - upon further review of your test, it appears that you actually scored a 100%. This is totally legitimate and has nothing to do with you be the boss or that you look remarkably like the Kingpin.@ thomasmets - nice!

  8. thomasmets

    This is pretty awesome.And I'm not just saying that because I got 90% (enough fot a #1 rank at the moment.)

  9. hornacek

    I felt really nervous going into this but then I saw that Brad only got a D and felt better about my chances. I guess Brad's score didn't have a nice cover so it couldn't bring his grade up.I only got 6/10 right but for right now I'm ranked #1 - I didn't realize until it was over that you got more points the quicker you answered so the ones I knew the answer after reading the question I must have answered right away. Anyway, I will enjoy my reign while it lasts.Also, I loved this too. Hopefully we see more of these quizzes.

  10. BD

    This was a lot of fun!! I love your creative posts. I got a 60% rating, so a "D." I"m hanging my head in shame. You have some real tough ones. My score was 5200. JR will get 100% guaranteed.

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