Miles Morales in Animated Spider-Man Movie?

Pasted-image-at-2015_10_08-12_58-AM-1The website Heroic Hollywood is reporting that Miles Morales will be the focus of the Sony animated Spider-Man movie. Their “sources” say Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller will venture away from Peter Parker and focus on Miles in the  2018 film.  It is expected to be released on December 21, 2018. What do you think of this? Comment below.

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  1. hornacek

    I think it would just confuse people. I would guess that to the vast majority of the people going to see a Spider-Man movie, they think Peter Parker is Spider-Man and they don't know who Miles is. If they see a trailer for a Spider-Man movie that is not Peter, they won't know what's going on. And even if the trailer tells them "This is an alternate reality Peter", they'll either still be confused or ask "Why bother seeing this if it's not the Spider-Man I've seen in other movies?"

  2. Bill

    If this is true (which it probably is) I now have ZERO interest in this movie. And I strongly suspect a lot of other people will feel the same way. So, if Marvel insists on trying to shove the whole "Miles is also Spider-Man" thing down everyone's throats they might as well just save their money and scrap the whole animated movie now. Because if they go that direction, I practically guarantee it's just going to bomb anyway.Miles Morales is an OK character, and it's fine that he has Spider powers, but he should not be called "Spider-Man"!! There should only be ONE character with the name Spider-Man and it should be Peter Parker (as it has always been)!! It's just freaking stupid to have two completely different characters with the same superhero name! It seems like just a case of Marvel trying to have their cake and eat it too. But that just can't work.If they want to keep Miles around then they should give him another code name like Scarlet Spider or Spider-Kid, or anything else to differentiate him from the real Spider-Man. Two Spider-Men is just one too many.

  3. Sano

    Avi Arad will be involved with this animated movie. So long as he continues to stay away from Peter Parker I'm cool with it.Will I see a Miles Morales movie? I strongly doubt this will even hit movie theaters unless it is a really limited run like they do with a lot of anime movies. In theaters on Friday, the DVD is out Tuesday. So sure, I'll rent it. No big.

  4. thomasmets

    I'm not sure how well-sourced the rumor is, but it makes sense and I think it would be a good idea. It would differentiate the animated film from the live-action films in a way that's clear to the average filmgoer. There also isn't exactly a surplus of animated superhero films with Afircan-American or Hispanic leads.

  5. hornacek

    I just think this is going to confuse a lot of the movie audience that don't read the comics and have no idea who Miles Morales is. Yes, it will introduce him to a new audience, but for a lot of them they will be asking "Wait, Peter Parker is Spider-Man, who is this guy? Why is he Spider-Man this other guy? What happened to the other Spider-Man?"Maybe this film will give him enough of an origin story to differentiate him (and this would be the only future Spider-Man movie I would demand it include an origin story) but I still think it is going to confuse a lot of the Marvel movie audience.Also, today is the first time I have commented since the website redesign. I just realized the comments are no longer numbered so it will be harder to reply to previous comments since I won't be able to preface my comment with "@7 - ..." which I will miss. Also, the comments (for me) are listed most recent ones first. Is it possible for each individual to format how they see they comments so the oldest ones are displayed first (like how it is on Disqus boards)? Ok, nitpicking over - other than that the redesign looks great.

  6. Al

    All I shall say is this is either going to qualm people demanding for Miles to be in the MCU who were (unjustrifiably) butthurt over it being Peter in Civil War or else they will take this as an insult somehow.Me, I'm more interested in this now, especially if Glover plays the character like in USM season 3 where he gave a great performance.

  7. Mohammed

    The thing is, I've always wanted an original animated Spider-Man movie to be made, maybe an adaptation of Family Business, because everything Marvels done so far is Avengers , Iron Man, or Hulk, not a single one for Spidey.So when I heard that they finally making one I was excited, we are finally getting a Spider-man original animated movie, but to find out the main focus might be on Miles, well, that just deflated my interest. because like I said when I want to watch a Spider-Man movie I expect for that movie to be of Peter Parker.

  8. BD - Post author

    I don't know. I really like Miles and this would be cool to have a animated movie about him and have the feature films focus on Peter.

  9. Mohammed

    If this turns out to be right, then my interest in the this has just gone right out the window.When I watch a Spider-Man movie whether it being live or animated, I expect Peter to be the focus. Anyone else, I do not consider it to be a Spider-Man movie. And so would have no interest in it.

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