UK Beatboxing Spider-Man

JS88630196It seems the city council of Newcastle in the UK aren’t Spider-fans. Piotr Hajduk has been beat-boxing at a busy shopping center and some customers aren’t amused by his beats. Members with the city council say they’ve received several complaints about the noise.  Hajduk recently moved there from Portland, Oregon in the United States. The council has asked him to move to a different spot. Here are a few quotes from the article. 

JS88630198He said: “All my life I’ve wanted to bea superhero, I’ve always liked Spider-Man ever since I was a child.

“I started doing the beatbox Spider-Man song when I was in Poland and I would perform at concerts, clubs and for children at their parties. I would do my beatbox for the kids and they liked it.

“I came here and got a job at a food factory and I thought I would do my beatbox Spider-Man at weekends.

“I bought my Spider-Man costume on eBay for £40 and I come to Newcastle.”