Beady Spidey

Our own Ryan Reed sent me a very nice gift in the mail. It’s a giant Deadpool, Miles and Spidey in the Poolmobile as seen in Spider-Man/Deadpool #2. He also made very cool Miles, 2099, Gwen and Spidey heads. I’ve put them on my computer. If you’re interested in him making you one you can reply in the comment section. Much thanks buddy. Also check out his reviews on the site.



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  1. Josh (Venom65437)

    I make these things as well. You can do almost anything you can think of. Especially 8 and 16 bit sprites from video games.

  2. Simon James

    I would like one of Mephisto shitting on Mary Jane, holding hands with Norman Osborn, who is shitting on Gwen. Cheers xx

  3. ryan3178

    You are very welcome Brad and to the rest of the Crawlspace Podcasters that I also made for them. I do make them on request. I am great at Disney characters and game characters.

  4. herbiepopnecker

    Ho-leee smokes....when this came up on my laptop screen! Wotta blast!I suppose we gotta pay for any we ask to be made (which I don;t at all mind)? Me, however, I'm a big collector of Donald Duck! And my daughter, of elephants. My house, of dustbuinnes. :D

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