Spider-Man 4 Storyboards

Since 2007 Spider-Man fans  have been wondering what a sequel to Spider-Man 3 would look like. Thanks to Jeffrey Henderson’s website we now have a better idea. He is an artist who worked on storyboards for Spider-Man 4 that would help Director Sam Raimi make it come alive.

b77d18a53a53f536c6c327ddb294e065-d73so3ehathawayIt looks like the Vulture would have been the main villain of the film. Actor John Malkavitch was the leading contender to be cast for the role of Adrian Toomes.  There was also talk of Anne Hathaway playing Felicia Hardy as a female Vulture.It also appears that the opening of the film would of had a montage of Spidey busting some “lesser”villains. Bruce Campbell would of been Mysterio, which is all sorts of awesome. I would love a montage of these villains in future film.  IO9 has a couple  quotes from Henderson about this idea.

a montage of C and D- list villains that we knew would never be used as main antagonists: Mysterio, the Shocker, the Prowler, the old school-onesie-wearing version of the Rhino, maybe even the Stilt Man, etc.”

Henderson then talks about the reason Raimi and the crew wanted the Vulture for the main villain.

The thing we kept coming back to was that, as a character, everyone was going to dismiss the Vulture as just an old guy in a silly green suit. So we wanted to go the opposite way and really make him the most fearsome and formidable adversary that Spider-Man had faced in the series.”

So what do you think of the storyboards and the idea of the film? Are you glad it was never made?

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  1. Al

    Midnight's Edge has been doing a documentary series about the behind the scenes stuff of all the attempted Spider-Man movies even waaaaaaay back in the 1980s. Based upon that series, including plans for Spider-Man 4-5 (which back up what Chase said) we dodged big bullets. Webb's movies have their issues but by God they were preferable to what we wound up with. Personally, if I was them I would've just soft rebooted Spider-Man by recasting everyone and starting a new story arc, maybe make MJ act closer to comic book MJ but still introduced Felicia as someone who'd strain their relationship.

  2. ItsMichaelReid

    UGH! So conflicted seeing as this would've been better than the 2 ASM films we got but then we would've never got Spidey in the MCU but I love that they were gonna do a loser super-villain montage as thats so Spider-man in a nutshell and I love they were gonna finally give the Vulture the respect I feel he deserves as he's like in my top 5 Favorite Spiderman villains. Im also interested to hear they were thinking of changing the costume to be more realistic and faithful to the point that they were thinking of making it red and black like in the Ditko days.

  3. EricSmith859495

    I would love to see next year spider-man movie I can't wait to see what's next of all the spider-man movie I seen I hope this one become a summer block buster movie that I seen befor i'm a big fan of spider-man and I like the way he think's he is one of my favorite marvel superhero just like all the other marvel hero

  4. Crime Master

    If the Raimi series just got another film or two to end on a good note instead of the messy third installment, I'd be much less annoyed with all the Spidey reboots. Of course, this would bypass the Amazing movies entirely and maybe result in Sony never agreeing to let Marvel use him.... we'll have to wait and see whether our universe is better off for that, but I would be intrigued to see the alternate reality where this was released. The sequence with Vulture looks really cool, I like that they were seemingly going with a faithful version of his design at least at this early stage (yeah it's goofy but it's a classic and I infinitely prefer a goofy but faithful costume to whatever the hell the Raimi Goblin costume was supposed to be...) Assuming that the rumors of the new film using the Vulture are true, I wonder if it'll draw any inspiration. My one gripe is tha tI think Mysterio deserves to be more than a one scene comedy character. Of course if he WERE played by Bruce Campbell that would be more than made up for, but I'd much rather see him play a hammy but serious take on the character.

  5. Chase the Blues Away

    From what I can find on the internet, MJ would have been written out completely and/or (according to one person who supposedly saw a draft of a script) she and Peter would have married and had a daughter (and apparently there were casting calls for a redheaded female toddler) but Peter would have cheated on her with Felicia, causing MJ to move to Hollywood with the baby. Also, Peter would have killed the Vulture (because killing is so Spider-Man) thus causing a rift with Felicia (in some reports she was the Black Cat, in other reports she was the Vulturess, and in the supposed script that was read she was just Felicia, no costumed identity). The film would have ended with Peter once more deciding not to be Spider-Man. There is a script and a treatment floating around, but they are both highly bogus (the script, however, is awesome in its awfulness). I know the film was scrapped because Raimi hated the script(s), and from all that I've read he was right to hate it. I'm kinda glad it never saw the light of day, although I also can't stand the Webb films. Bring on Tom Holland!

  6. Van GoghX

    "Are you glad it was never made?" I think I would've preferred this to the two ASM movies.

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