New PS4 Exclusive Spider-Man Video Game

ps4spideyE3 is underway and the rumors are true of a Playstation 4 exclusive Spider-Man video game in development. The game studio is being produced by Insomniac who brought us games like Ratchet & Clank and Sunset Overdrive. There isn’t a release date as of yet. Going by the henchmen it seems you’ll be going up against Mr. Negative at some point. Also, I’m sure you’ll be able to change Spidey’s suit in the game. That ability dates back to the PS1 Spider-Man game. So what are your thoughts, will you be picking it up? What makes a good Spider-Man game?

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  1. WolfCypher

    What is up with Sony and crappy spider costumes? What is up with Sony breaking what didn't need to be fixed?

  2. jay maddox

    the trailer looks good. graphics look great. I just hate, hate, hate, HATE that huge white spider on the front of his costume. hopefully alternate costumes will be available . looking foward to this.

  3. Frontier

    @ Sean O'Brien - That's interesting about the Peter Parker element. I wonder if that means we'll get to play Peter for Daily Bugle sections, or something like that?

  4. Shaun Austin Martineau

    So Sony pretty much owns Spider-Man now, don't they? Their movies, their consoles.

  5. Sean O'Brien

    Interesting thing I've seen noted is that you can see a billboard that seems to say Norman Osborn for Mayor in one of the scenes he's swinging around.

  6. Sean O'Brien

    Here's a bit of info from E3 about the game: - Biggest team Insomniac has ever had working on a game - Most ambitious Marvel game ever made - It's been in development for "quite some time" - It's not connected at all with the upcoming movie - Open world - It'll focus on both Peter Parker and Spider-man - PS4 exclusive and published by SIE - They aren't ready to talk about any release timeframe I'm not sure whats up with the costume, but I have to imagine we'll have the option to switch to different ones. Both Ratchet and Clank and Sunset Overdrive both have had options to change appearance in ways. Traversal I'm not too worried about as Sunset Overdrive had a great traversal system that actively encouraged you to keep moving and not end up on the ground. It'll be shown more at Playstation Experience in December this year so hopefully what we see is encouraging.

  7. Evan

    They don't make games like they used to. I remember playing Spider-man and the X-Men: Arcade's Revenge on SNES. But why would they make a game look so awesome and change the costume? You can bet that as soon as I unlock the original costume, I'm switching.

  8. Iron Patriot

    It's been said it's an original story and not based on the movies. Not feeling the costume but I love the mask. The eyepieces are perfect. Really like the bit with the coffee shop, I dig being able to move through more than just the city. Gives more depth to the environment.

  9. tickbite

    What instantly worried me was the mechanical eyes. This was my train of thought: "Mechanical eyes = MCU, new costume, Is this the redesign for Spider-Man Homecoming?! Ahhhh." I really hope they just copied the eye thing for this game because they thought it was cool in the movie. I really, really hope they keep the costume simple in the next movie ...

  10. dornwolf

    Seriously surprised that it's Insomniac working on this and not Sucker Punch. Mainly because Sucker Punches out put recently has been nothing but open world superhero titles and Insomniac seemed hard up to get away from Sony.

  11. Frontier

    So I guess the rumors about Sucker Punch developing a Spider-Man game were false, but there being a big Spider-Man game intended for consoles wasn't. I think Insomniac should do a fine job. On the one's awesome to finally be able to look forward to a major Marvel game for console's that's not Lego or Disney Infinity related, and the graphics look pretty good, but..what were they thinking making that the main suit? So Yuri Lowenthal's reprising Spidey from the Unlimited games. Yeah, I also thought those were Mr. Negative's goons. I hope there are other villains and supporting cast members in the game as well.

  12. Mycroft

    Kind of a lackluster trailer. Baffling costume, lack of actual gameplay, not even throwing us any other characters or plot. Curious, but it doesn't seem like they've given us anything to get excited about yet.

  13. Carnage 707

    Looks good. I wonder if this is a MCU tie-in or a stand-alone comic universe story. I hope it's a comic universe story so we can have more characters and established history to work with and they don't have to hold stuff back because it might be planned to be, or be different in a future movie. The thing I loved about the PS1 game was that everything was on the table. As far as the game play, I hope they just take the best of the Spider-Man 2,3, Web of shadows and Amazing Spider-Man games. A refined version of the SM2,3 and WOS web-slinging would be great. And let us just web-sling around the entire city with no time limits or having to stop and do a side mission that will affect the game in a negative way if we don't do it. There is so much they could do to show off the unique abilities and the combinations of them to really create some awesome stuff for you to do. Add that to maybe having a suit and tech upgrade system and they could really go all out with this. (Let me use the belt spider light to scare enemies in alleys!) And like the PS1 game, different suits could have unique abilities. As far as the suit goes, yeah I'm sure there will be multiple alternate suits to wear, so I'm not to worried about being stuck with the suit in the trailer for the entire game. Kinda weird though that they chose to use the one they did instead of a more standard suit. I do like how they incorporated the camera lens eyes from CA:CW, I think that it will look good during cut scenes and things like that. It could work really well for comedic effect, or to show that he's getting focused and serious.

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