Spider-Man Dead No More Preview

Marvel sent me this animated gif with the headline “The Conspiracy Revealed.”
Also Mohammed with our site was nice enough to screen grab all the images so we can discuss them in the comment section.

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(3) Comments

  1. Jason

    Bridged?That would be a horrible cop-out. The clone thing is outplayed at this point. Fans were in an uproar about Peter possibly being a clone. Imagine the backlash (probably to a slightly lesser extent) if the Gwen who died was a clone.

  2. Friendly Reminder

    I think I side with some comments I've read on forums in that what we "knew was wrong" is two things1. That P.I's post-SW success can be attributed to Ock boosting it's networth (thus putting all the credit back into his hands and not Peters')2. That Gwen Stacy NEVER died, and that the one who had the kids with Norman and was bridged was a clone

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