Latest Marvel Now! Teaser Is A Puzzle (Update)

Update: Sigh, Not a mere 12 hours later after having us spend hours putting the puzzle together, Marvel go and release the completer image of it.


As most are aware, several outlets, such as CBR, Newsarama and Bleeding Cool have been releasing teasers, 8 currently, for the new Marvel Now! launch, depicting a divide between certain characters, among those are Miles Morales aka Spider-Man, The Prowler and Dr Doom holding Iron Man’s Helmet, why include Doom, simple, if the helmet is anything to go by, it might also have an effect on Mary Jane.

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Just recently Marvel have released their latest teaser and it was something different, this teaser came in the form of a puzzle, which I, after many hours have managed to put together and as you can see, it contains a lot more characters (26 total) plus what appears to a Dragon Foot, Fing Fang Foom Maybe. But, if you look closely, there is one missing and I am certain it was intentional.

My thoughts on it, personally, I’m not that into Marvel Now!, but from what I can see, there seems to be something that will put these two groups on opposite sides, and from the looks of it, the ones leading each group are key characters from Invincible Iron Man, Dr Doom and Riri Williams, why are they leading, we’ll have to wait and see. I can only assume that, something happened to Tony Stark and indirectly something might happen to Mary Jane, and that it might have something to do with that “Dragon’s foot” behind Doctor Dooms group.


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  1. Prime

    Hmm.. I wonder where Peter is in all of its mess. Maybe Marvel is excepting him out this event since He have to deal with the Dead no More Event?

  2. Jason

    @Mohammed Thanks. Poor MJ would be out of a job and have to resort back to her acting career. *L* A terrible travesty.

  3. Ryan3178

    You did an amazing job Mohammed on assembling the picture. Kudos to you. If you also notice, this basically Dark Reign II as well. As Dr. Doom is front and centered with the heroes who sided with Captain Marvel/Danvers and the new "War Machine" are the younger heroes and ones who not only quit the Avengers when Civil War II wraps up, but also heroes on the run like Miles, Cho, Dr. Strange, Ms. Marvel and the Prowler who apparently has some fall out from the Spider-Man: CiviL War II mini involving Clash going evil again.

  4. Mohammed - Post author

    @ Jason Doom, lost his costume after Secret Wars and the him holding Iron Man's helmet is because she currently works for Iron Man as his personal assistant and if something happened to Tony could mean some repercussions from that might befall her.

  5. Jason

    I'm lucky to recognize about a half dozen of the characters depicted in the puzzle. The Suit is Doctor Doom? What happened to his costume? Could you explain why him holding the helmet impacts MJ?

  6. Friendly Reminder

    Yes, I am interested in how the events of Invincible Iron Man shape the landscape of the "Divided We Now" era. this is good because it helps enforce the idea Tony's book is "the flagship" title which shapes the course of the universe (all while poor Peter relives the "glory days" of the 90s with a Clone rehash, sigh). Mary Jane's role without Tony may cause her to step up a bit, especially if she has to now work under Doctor Doom, who has had ties to events in her life in the past (airport reunion with Peter, and the fact Doom wanted to marry her once in the newspaper comics)

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