New Spider-Man: Homecoming Pictures

The website Looper got a very nice scoop with some set pictures from the Spider-Man:Homecoming film. They got a lot of shots of actor Tom Holland in the new Spidey suit. If you’ll notice the spider on the chest and back are a bit more raised. My favorite picture is Holland in the slippers and umbrella.
Looper also is reporting that this scene was shot in Atlanta, Georgia in extreme heat. The site is saying that license plates on the car are from Washington D.C. So does Spidey take a field trip to the U.S. Capitol? President Obama is a big Spidey fan, could there be a cameo?

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  1. Bill

    The suit looks pretty good but I still wonder why they added the black bands and all the extra lines in the blue sections. I mean it's not that bad but it seems unnecessary. Like it was done, not because they thought it looked better, but for the sake of just making it different than the other movies or the comics.

  2. Prime

    So glad to see the actual picture of Spidey's Costume. I know there's going to be some CGI will be in the costume, so I'm fine with the costume.

  3. hornacek

    Can't wait for the podcast when Brad asks J.R. if he thinks the movie will be a success based solely on these pictures.

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