Previews: July 6th, 2016

Amazing Spider-Man #15
Civil War II: Kingpin #1
Invincible Iron Man #11
Spider-Man 2099 #12
Spider-Woman #9
Spidey #8

Civil War II #3 has be delay until July 13th (Tumblr of Brian Bendis)

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Amazing Spider-Man #15

Amazing Spider-Man #15

STORY BY Dan Slott
ART BY Giuseppe Camuncoli, Cam Smith
COLORS BY Marte Gracia
LETTERS BY VC – Joe Caramagna
COVER BY Alex Ross, David Lopez

• “Power Play” comes to its rousing conclusion!

• Regent’s master plan is working until Mary Jane Watson gets into the fray!



Amazing Spider-Man #15-v1Amazing_Spider-Man_Vol_4_15_Death_of_X_Variant_Textless

The following variants are exclusives by J. Scott Campbell and Michael Turner


Invincible Iron Man #11

Invincible Iron Man #11

STORY BY Brian Michael Bendis
ART BY Mike Deodato
COLORS BY Frank Martin
LETTERS BY VC – Clayton Cowles
COVER BY Mike Deodato, Frank Martin, Juan Gedeon, Carlos Cabrera

On the road to CIVIL WAR II!

• During the last Civil War, Tony Stark and Captain America battled to the bitter end. Now they find themselves on the same side. Or do they?

• It is Steve Rogers and Tony Stark like you have never seen them before.


Invincible Iron Man #11-v1

Spidey #8

Spidey #8

STORY BY Robbie Thompson
ART BY Nathan Stockman
COLORS BY Jim Campbell
LETTERS BY VC – Travis Lanham
COVER BY Khary Randolph, Emilio Lopez

• Spidey vs. Electro!

• And this time, Electro is powered by all the electricity of New York City!


Spider-Man 2099 #12

Spider-Man 2099 #12

STORY BY Peter David
ART BY Will Sliney
COLORS BY Rachelle Rosenberg
LETTERS BY VC – Cory Petit
COVER BY Francesco Mattina


• Trapped in an unfamiliar 2099, Miguel is reunited with those he loves through an unexpected team-up.

• But Spider-Man is not home free — this era’s Sinister Six still have unfinished business with the anachronistic arachnid.

• Can Spidey trust his new allies? Or is he caught in a web of lies?


Spider-Woman #9

Spider-Woman #9

STORY BYDennis Hopeless
ART BYJavier Rodriguez, Alvaro Lopez
COLORS BYJavier Rodriguez
LETTERS BYVC – Travis Lanham
COVER BYJavier Rodriguez


• Spider-Woman has history with both sides of CIVIL WAR II, so things are more complicated than just picking a side.

• Plus, she’s got her baby to consider now, and she can’t risk her life putting him in harm’s way.

• But Jess has never been one to just sit on the sidelines.


Civil War II-Kingpin #1

Civil War II: Kingpin #1

STORY BYMatthew Rosenberg
ART BYDalibor Talajic, Jose Marzan Jr.
COLORS BYMiroslav Mrva
LETTERS BYTravis Lanham
COVER BYAaron Kuder, Israel Silva, Esad Ribic, Skottie Young , Jamie McKelvie , Matthew Wilson

A new Inhuman with the ability to predict the future has helped the heroes of the Marvel Universe stop crime before it even happens. But amid this crackdown on the villains, one man has found a way to thrive. Wilson Fisk has a secret, and its helped him stay a step ahead of the good guys and keep his criminal enterprise running like clockwork. But how? What is his secret?!


Civil War II-Kingpin #1-v1 Civil War II-Kingpin #1-v3 Civil War II-Kingpin #1-v2

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  1. Evan

    It looks like J. Scott Campbell gave the Iron Spidey costume an extra limb -- which is how it should have always been, if you ask me.

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