Happy 44th Birthday to George Berryman!

gbstegron3Our good friend, podcast panelist and Texas native George Berryman is celebrating a birthday today. He’s turning the big 44 today. Since he’s the biggest Stegron fan I’ve ever know, I thought a Photoshop was in store. I never thought about it but Stegron’s tongue maybe as dangerous as his deadly tail. Happy birthday buddy and I appreciate all you do for the site. Please join me in the comment section and wishing George a happy birthday!

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  1. Thomas Mets

    Happy belated birthday. Do you know who you share it with? http://www.comicsreporter.com/index.php/happy_49th_birthday_dan_slott/

  2. captainfrugal

    Happy Birthday! I love hearing you on the podcast, I hope you have many more!

  3. Jack

    Happy Birthday, George! Stegron *ought* to be a better ASM baddie than Lizard, because (1) dinosaurs are cooler than giant iguanas; (2) dinosaurs are stronger than giant iguanas; (3) Stegron isn't crazy like Curt Connors, and has his full scientific intelligence; and (4) Stegron doesn't do the exact same story over and over for fifty years, AND doesn't need to eat his own kid to break out of a pattern!

  4. hornacek

    Happy birthday George! I wissssh one of thossssse wordsssss had an "s" in them ssssso I could have sssssspelled it like SSSSSStegron.

  5. DCMarvelFanGuy

    Happy Birthday, George! Always love Friday Night Fights and all your reviews! You're the best!

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