Amazing Spider-Man Classics Podcast Returns

ASM_Classics_Episode_037After a five year hiatus the Spider-Man Classics Podcast is back. Jon Wilson, Donovan Morgan Grant and Josh Lapin-Bertone are on this “lost” episode and they’ll release a few more before they put out a new episode. Jon and Michael Bailey will then run the show. In this episode listen to the gang from 2011 talk about Amazing Spider-Man (Vol.1) #49. Also once you listen to their show be sure to check out their new forum on the Crawlspace that I just created. In that forum you can discuss old episodes and now new ones too. Welcome back gang!

You can also listen to the show here.



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(3) Comments

  1. Powerpackers90

    Happy that my second all time favorite podcast will be back. But like sad above it's just will not be the same with out Don and Josh.

  2. Frontier

    Classics is back! Awesome news.It's going to feel weird without Don and Bertone though.

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