Todd McFarlane Draws Spider-Man in 2016

mcfarlaneIt seems artist Todd McFarlane got an urge to draw Spidey once again. He hasn’t been seen drawing Spider-Man on a regular basis since Spider-Man #16 which came out in November of 1991. He still has it and I wish he’d draw just one more Spidey comic.  25 years is a long time to wait for a return. I guess I’m still waiting for Steve Ditko to draw Spidey one more time too. He left with Amazing Spider-Man #38 and that came out in July of 1966, so this is the 50th anniversary. Anyway, enjoy McFarlane’s Spidey in 2016.

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  1. Sano

    Nice! Spider-Man with big eyes and using spaghetti webbing is still my favorite take on the character. Particularly since almost every video game and a lot of merchandise went with that take for a long time.Good tip for drawing the webs. I've gone crazy trying to draw those at times so I will keep his tip in mind.

  2. Cheesedique

    This is great--I like watching Todd's process for putting the webs in. Certainly one of my favorite Spidey artists ever.Would love to see McFarlane come back to draw one more story, written by one of the good Spidey scribes like JM DeMatteis.

  3. tfn

    I know that it's the thing now to knock the nineties but those were exciting times and when I was at my comic fandom highest. I'm not blind to bad haircuts, big thighs, no feet, and out of control random cross-hatching but I look at this stuff like an old man now and think "Ah, the good ol'days!".

  4. Mark Alford

    Awesome. He makes it look so easy. I noticed he threw in an extra guideline at the top before one eye that doesn't connect anywhere below. That jives with another artist I saw talking about drawing Spidey.

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