With Great Pole, Comes Great Fishing

fishingpole Four year old Tristan Evans is a natural when it comes to fishing. He knows in order to catch a big fish all you need is a Spider-Man fishing pole and a Spidey life vest. He and his dad Colin visited the Cherry Creek Park in Colorado. Tristan was able to catch a 28 inch walleye with a little help from his dad.

“At first, I sort of ignored him thinking he was hooked in the rocks. I took my time to reel in my line and went over to give him a hand. When I put my hand under his rod I suddenly felt the rod go down hard. That’s when I realized he was not hooked in the rocks but had hooked a big fish. He kept bugging me to tie on this swimbait so he could fish with it. I think he really wanted to use this bait because it resembled a real fish. Finally, I gave in and tied the bait on with a giant hook and let him at it, ”said Colin.






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