Podcast #428 Friday Night Puma Fight

Podcast428picFriday Night Fights returns with a classic fight from 1984. Spidey takes on the Puma in Amazing Spider-Man # 256 and #257. This is Puma’s first appearance and he takes on Spidey in his own apartment. Spidey has a broken arm but a brand new symbiote costume. Who wins?

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  1. Cheesedique

    Good podcast--#256 is one of the first issues I remember reading of ASM as a kid (I was 4 years old), and I remember my Dad buying it for me rather vividly. That really was a great era for the books: coming out of the Roger Stern run and into DeFalco / Frenz and the black costume. Totally agree that it could be called Spidey's second golden age. I wanna go back and re-read that whole run now.

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