Spider-Man: Homecoming title finally explained!

imageGeeksofdoom.com is reporting (from IGN)  that the CEO of Sony pictures Tom Rothman, explained the meaning behind the name of the movie. Of course, the podcast speculated this back in March, but it’s nice to hear it from the top guy at Sony. This interview was taken on the red carpet of the new Ghostbusters movie.

Here’s the thing I can tell you: We’re really, really fortunate on this because Marvel and Kevin Feige have really embraced the character and no one knows him as well as Marvel. It is another crown jewel of Sony’s for sure. But Homecoming, the name, is a double entendre on purpose, right?
It’s relevant to the story because it takes place in high school and there is a scene — that I guess I can give a little thing — at a homecoming dance. I’ve actually seen the dailies of it because we already did the high school shooting of it in the first couple weeks and it’s fantastic. But it’s also a homecoming to Marvel. And a homecoming to the cinematic universe that Spider-Man belongs in. So it’s a pretty unprecedented deal between two studios, but we’re really proud of it. And all I can tell you is, those guys at Marvel — I think the technical term is — they know their sh-t.

Yeah, no kidding. Looks like they’re just along for the ride, like we thought they were.



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