Spider-Ads #35

batmanspideyThis was an ad that was sent to comic shops to promote the Spider-Man/ Batman team  up. I’ve never seen this image before, but it’s a classic from Mark Bagley. I recently found this on an ebay auction.

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  1. Sano

    I recently reread this since I'm working a fan fiction thing that involves Carnage. Still holds up fairly well.

  2. Jason

    Just checked my database. I do own it. I probably would have recognized it more from the the cover.

  3. Cheesedique

    Yeah, this one-shot was the shit. I wish Marvel / DC would re-release it, packaged along with the DC comics sequel by Doug Moench. I never got to read that one.

  4. Iron Patriot

    @Jason - It was called "Spider-Man and Batman" on the cover but inside it was titled "Disordered Minds." I recommend tracking it down. There's some 90s dark weirdness but overall it was a fun book, beautifully drawn by Bagley. Here's the cover: http://66.media.tumblr.com/69f21d89a20ce0cd9addaffa90194b67/tumblr_mih3kkQOyj1rvkwl5o1_1280.jpg

  5. Jason

    Is this something that was already released? I don't think I remember a comic with Batman, Spider-Man, Joker, and Carnage. What's the title?

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