Delays & Amazing Spider-Man Gets A New Artist (Update)

UPDATE: It looks like Newsarama has jumped the gun in stating that Giuseppe Camuncoli is “dropping out” as artist for Amazing Spider-Man, because according to Spider-Man Editor Nick Lowe, that is not the case as Camuncoli is only taking a break and will return after two issues.

From Nick Lowe’s Twitter

Echoing , ASM artist Giuseppe Camuncoli is a star and holds that book together. He’s taking two issues off to jump ahead!

profile_picture_by_rbsilva-d8o243m-500 rb_silva

You heard right, Newsarama have just announced that Giuseppe Camuncoli is “dropping out” after issue #16 and will be replaced by new artist R.B. Silva starting with issue #17.

As for why, Marvel have not said.

And who is R.B. Silva is, this is what I found out from Comicvine.

Rubens da Silva is a Brazilian artist who has worked for most of his career life for DC. He has made some issues for Green Arrow, Secret Six, War Machine and some issues for Action Comics. But he is the most known for his current run on the New 52 title Superboy.

and if you are interested, here are examples of his work, Google & Deviantart

Newsarama also mentioned delays to the following titles

Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man #3 – August 17 (originally August 3)
Civil War II #5 – August 31 (originally August 15)
Captain Marvel #8 – August 24 (originally August 3).
Ms. Marvel #10 will be pushed back three weeks to August 31 and #11 two weeks to September 28.
Silver Surfer #6 with a seven week delay to August 31. which caused the following issues to be pushed back, #7 to September 28, and #8 to October 24.

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  1. Jeff Gutman

    Big deal. Wake me up when Slott is gone. Been waiting for years now. unfortunately, he's marvels very own Michael Jordan of comics writing according to EIC axel Alonso...

  2. hornacek

    (reading headlines) "Delays & Amazing Spider-Man Gets A New ..."(eyes closed, fingers crossed) Please say "writer", please say "writer", please say "writer""... Artist"Damnit!

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