Happy Birthday, Ashley!!

HBAshleyBrad’s out of town and I am about to head out of town – and this kinda snuck up on us! So unfortunately I don’t have a new birthday image for this year – so instead we’ll have to go with the one from last year and pretend it’s our first time seeing it! Heh! Sorry in advance, Ashley! If I hadn’t checked Facebook before going to bed this would’ve had to wait until late tomorrow night!

This December, Ashley will have been with us for two years. Can you believe it? The time has flown by. She has been a tremendous addition to the podcast and we couldn’t be happier that she’s one of the gang. Thanks very much for everything you’ve brought to the news, reviews and discussion!

Crawlspacers, drop Ashley a line and say Happy Birthday to our favorite Black Cat fan!

George Berryman!