SDCC 2016 Spider-man collectables breakdown

Hey folks. SDCC just finshed and if you are anything like me your wallet is aching at the goodies unveiled. Let us take a look at some of the highlight revealed at SDCC featuring Spider-man


Hasbro’s Marvel Legends

arguably the most popular Marvel Collectibles brand out there did not disappoint in the Spidey Department


SDCC Exclusive Spider-man Raft Box Set 


For the most part this box set is only available at SDCC. I tend to think of it as Hasbro’s “well … we have the tooling” box. Theme is spider-man stopping villains escaping from the raft. The Spider-man featured is ‘Pizza Spidey” loosely recolured in darker blue. On the secondary market this guy is already going for $60 – 70 which is astonishing for a repaint but that Pizza Spidey is popular so a new way of getting it is going to be too. The other Spider-man character is Sandman in ‘sandy’ colour. I do have a box on its way to me and will have a full review of this set in the coming weeks.


Spider-man 2017 wave

Green Goblin


Its been awhile since we got a Classic version of Osborn in ML. Using the recent Hobgoblin buck (Buck is the base body a figure is built off of ) and with a gorgeous head sculpt. Sure to be fan favourite when released especially among new ML collectors.




Here is one for those Clone Saga fans. As a child reader in the 90’s i was excited for Miles Warren. He uses a newly tooled hairy buck (fingers crossed for a vermin). Was sad to see a lot of collectors didn’t know who this guy was and am worried he might be the might peg warmer.


Ms Marvel

ms marvel

odd choice for a Spider-man wave ? yes and no. She makes more sense than Ghost Rider, Misty Knight and Absorbing Man who appeared in other Spider-man waves. She at least has strong bonds to Miles Morales since Secret Wars and with Sam revealed as well this SDCC we can all put that young friendship trio of avengers on our shelves .


Symbiote Spider-man


This classic alternate costume for spider-man in figure form was an inevitability now that we have the New Spidey buck. I do like the shine to the black paint, giving it a wet quality.


All New Spider-man 2099


No one expected this guy. He was the surprise of the reveals. Now I’m not a fan of this costume for 2099 but i am liking it more in 3D form than on the page .


Spider-man Captain Britain

uk 6

This guy is getting some love this year. He comes on a new buck that is replacing the over used Bucky Cap body which means he will be more muscular than most Spider-man figures thanks to his Captain Britain powers.

No Build-a-figure was shown for this wave but there will be one. Current theory is that it will be the Sandman from the Raft box set in classic colouring but they didn’t want to reveal it for fear of hurting box sets sales. Shocker was also heavily rumoured for this wave but not shown, but it seems there is still a slot in this wave for another figure so i wouldn’t be surpassed if we see him soon.

Teased Mary Jane



Spider-man Captain Britain

uk 375

UK spider-fans must be happy. Double the fun and any scale you want


We also saw colour previews of a Shocker and a definative 3’75 spider-man (using the heavy articulated Daredevil buck) and were teased a Tombstone figure (no confirmation on scale but assuming 3’75 since shown here.)


Ashley Wood Three A

Classic and black outfit

three a classicthree a black

For those that don’t know this line it is Marvel Characters redesigned by comic artist Ashley Wood in figure form. All the characters up to know have had a robot bent (Ultron, Iron Man, Dr Doom). So its not a huge surprise to see a Robotic looking spidey here, but they also come with a Peter Parker that looks like a lazy man cosplayer as spidey. Interesting designs if your willing to step out of the box when it comes to spider-man looks but like all of Wood’s items it will go for a pretty penny.


Mezco ONE:12 Marvel


mezco 1:12

No hyphen ! Mezco is looking to deal with BD’s wrath. Mezco One:12 is a new line of highly detailed cloth figures made in a 1/12 scale (6″) as apposed to the regular scale of this type 1/6 (12″). While we only have a basic image of Spiderman here all other releases in this line have been kitted out with a tone of accessories and had lots of variant figures from the base figure.


Revoltech Spider-man


While they have made movie figures based on Marvel characters for years they have only just stepped into the game with comic versions. We saw Deadpool a few weeks ago and now we have Spider-man. Revoltech are known for their articulation so he will be able to get those Todd poses down but it also looks like he will come with swappable eye plates with could make him the most expressive spider-man figure ever.


Kotobukiya Spider-verse

koto petermiles

koto verse

Kotobukiya have been making Marvel Statues based on a team. Avengers or  X-men.  Now it seems the next team will be Spider -verse with Peter and Miles and fare few more teased in their artwork. Good thing about Koto is that for detailed statues they are pretty inexpensive so building a team won’t hurt your wallet to much


Gentle Giant

Giant sized Secret Wars Spider-man

gg sw

Lots of folks first Spider-man figure was the secret wars one from mattel. now gentle giant have scanned the original and are releasing it in a massive scale to make you feel like a kid again


Spider-man book ends


Carnage mini bust


looks to be based on the suprior carnage Clayton Crain artwork . really well detailed but will freak out your cat


More was shown i’m sure, These were reveals that caught my eye. Also a lot more that had been revealed before the con being shown in person for the first time (like the Play Arts Kai figures ). What where some of your favourites ?

Special thanks to the team over at Marvelous News for letting me use images of the con floor where company pictures weren’t in existence. please note the Revoltech picture is also theirs even though its not watermarked. I do recommend checking out there site for more Marvel based SDCC toy news and images.







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  1. Enigma_2099

    Finally. My dream to own a Symbiote Spider-man with clenched fists is almost a reality... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Gotta make that Revoltech Spidey happen, and as for that Mezco One:12, you're looking at at least $70-80. that's the sweet spot for those. And considering they're only 6', I don't blame anyone for passing. They're doing a Space Ghost, however... and woe be unto anyone that stands between me and that figure. Seriously... I will mess you up.

  2. Sean

    Wish I knew where to find the Legend figures at the regular prices. I see them at stores but never see the most recent ones like the Hobgoblin and such. 2017 line looks great though. Not sure if JR would get the GG figure but it certainly looks pretty good to my eyes. I agree that the new 2099 suit doesn't look so bad here to me.

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