Trigger Warning: “Stark Suit”

SMFPGood God Almighty. I’m trying, Crawlspacers. I am trying so hard to be open about the new MarvelSony Spidey movie. I desperately want to be enjoying something – anything – Spidey related again. I’ve been putting my faith in Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios but what I read today worries me about the direction of MCU Spidey and makes me wish director John Watts is just talking out of his ass. I’ve already been underwhelmed (not in a terrible way, more like a massive yawn sorta way) with all the news coming out of San Diego but this… I dunno, this one “triggers” me. I made need space safety or whatever the Hell it’s called. has a couple of quotes from Watts about the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming movie. This first one made me fairly sad. I’ve been saying awhile now how much Spidey needs to be out of Iron Man’s shadow. The character is stronger than damn near anything else in Marvel’s stable – there is no need for him to be saddled with “moar Iron Manz–!!1!”


“Well, the suit that spidey was given in Civil War is a Stark suit, so you have to wonder with a Stark suit, what else can it do?” the Spider-Man: Homecoming helmer teased. What extra abilities could we see? Well, look no further than the Iron Spider suit from the comic books for an idea about that!¬†

“… a Stark suit.” Because that’s what Marvel’s flagship character needs… more Iron Man. The rest of it is just another quote from Watts about Spidey being the ‘ground floor.’ Nothing specific, though the site did post up an Iron Spidey costume image because the click bait. I mean… we knew it was a “Stark suit” in Cap 3. But now apparently it’ll still be a “Stark suit.”

It’s sad to say that many of you may not remember there was a time when Spider-Man didn’t need Iron Man, or anyone else, helping him to “do things.” He was brilliant. He was resourceful. He was his own man.

But hey, that new Doctor Strange trailer looked good, amirite?

Hat-Tip to Mohammed!

–George “Gettin’ Scared For This Thing Now!” Berryman

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  1. krankyboy

    How much you want to bet the costume magically "turns on" and off with the press of a button?

  2. Jeff Gutman

    So it would seem the most authentic live adaptions of the spider-man comic ultimately turned out to be the Sam Raimi films and the CBS show from the 70s...

  3. krankyboy

    Given that Robert Downey Jr. was announced for the movie, you just had to know this was coming. Along with the approach the filmmakers are taking, and the recent casting reveal, I'll be skipping this movie. Money saved.

  4. Enigma_2099

    It's like they're trying to make Iron Man more important to Spider-Man than Uncle Ben!!!

  5. spideymaddox

    George, would all of this set up be worth it to you if the pay off was Peter eventually turning against Stark in a similar way as he did in the comics and then giving Iron Man the ass beating of a lifetime?

  6. Realspideyfan

    I believe the reason they will make him lean on stark is so he doesn't outshine him, when you consider how huge spidey is. If he is as competent as he is in the books pre slott he will be so overpowered compared to everyone else in the mcu sans vision and scarlet witch that everyone will wonder why he's not the main star in the next two avengers movies.

  7. seanwhetstone31

    I agree. It irks me that Iron Man has such a big hand in Spider-Man's development. I wouldn't mind it so much if Stark merely gave Peter the money and resources but Peter ultimately makes his own suit. But it to being a "Stark's suit" I don't know. This all however could be a build up to a possible break up in their relationship. Perhaps Marvel is trying to set them up to be close but later they have a tough disagreement that splits them like the comic (at least that is what I'm hoping for some pay off).

  8. Frontier

    I was expecting this would bother you George. Well, either this or the recently announced casting. So long as they don't go too far in making Spidey feel like he's wearing something designed by Tony Stark, or relies too much on gadgets (anymore then he normally does with the Spider Tracers/Signal), and is as competent and resourceful as he was in Civil war, I can live.

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