Spider-Ads # 48

Spider-ManThis ad is promoting the McDonalds Happy Meal toys. These toys are from the 1990’s animated series.

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  1. mrread7

    I had every since piece and ever 90s action figure until last July when I sold off the entire collection for just over $200.

  2. hornacek

    I vaguely remember these. I'll ask the question now that I asked back then ... why does the Hobgoblin have a car? He flies on a glider, why would he be in a car?

  3. WolfCypher

    I remember as a kid, I wanted only McDonalds every day until I got the Venom toy. My mom was...annoyed...at how much I kept going back to Wack Arnorlds until I finally got it. I never did. I kept getting the Spider-Man figure and the Spider-Man car...until I just asked the cashier if she could just give me Venom. I didn't know you could even DO that! The toys, I thought, were always random. I was a kid, so it never dawned on me that these employees just don't care and will give you which ever toy you're searching for. Besides this series of Spider-Man toys, the only other times I went crazy-lost-my-mind over MacDoodles toys was during the Super Mario Bros 3. toys and the Sonic the Hedgehog 3 toys (Google them, and don't think but KNOW that I'm old).

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