Podcast #429-ASM # 15 Review Plus Satellite Reviews

podcast429picThe gang tackles a review of Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 4) #15. We also check in on the Spider-Satellite titles to see if they’re worth buying.

Those include:
Miles Spider-Man
Civil War II
Civil War II Spider-Man
Venom:Space Knight
Amazing Spider-Man 1.5
Web Warriors


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(3) Comments

  1. Ryan Read

    I agree, all the cons echo my statements. What I said over in Miles' title about Jessica Jones and the grandmother and Rio were so right. But yes, I felt it was a big middle finger with MJ at the end too.

  2. Jeremy Gingrich

    All of the cons you guys give were problems I saw with the issue. My biggest con was the eff you at the end with Mary Jane. Also, Aunt May never coughed on panel. The bloody handkerchief was being held over the trash, so it was left ambiguous to who was coughing. May could have been throwing it away or picking it out of the trash. I really hope Slott leaves soon and we get a revamp to the Spider-Man title

  3. Jack

    How do you guys stand doing this every issue? Do the alternative titles balance off the mediocrity of Amazing Spider-Man?

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