Renew Your Vows Update have just released the first official bit of info from Marvel. Let’s just say, it’s a doozy.

What they released is a first look at Mary Jane and Annie’s Spider costume, yes you read right MJ and Annies are getting their own costumes of which I’m sure you know what it means.

Mary Jane and Annie are going into the Hero business

This is what Ryan Stegman said about designing them.

Stegman gave Mary Jane, a professional supermodel, a more fashionable take on the classic Spider-Man look.

“I wanted something sleek and fashionable,” Stegman says of Mary Jane’s design. “Because it’s Mary Jane! The white sets her apart from Peter, and the eye mask I think is a nice touch. Mary Jane wouldn’t want to cover her hair with a full-face mask!”

Stegman took a somewhat more personal approach to designing the costume for Annie, which has a “safety first” aesthetic to it.

“I approached it as a parent would, since I’m a parent myself,” Stegman explains. “I just taught my son to ride a bike and whenever he gets on that thing I pad him up something fierce. And as parents, MJ and Peter have to be terrified of their daughter swinging around the city of New York! So Annie reluctantly accepts their mandate that she is not allowed to go swinging around without her pads.”


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  1. hornacek

    @Sano Yes, he kills Eddie Brock, but if he doesn't then his family are going to die. I would call that "saving your family" not "committing murder". As I said, I haven't read Spider-Girl, but it sounds like you're saying that MC2 Spidey "committed depraved indifference to human life" i.e. he engaged in activity that resulted in the death of another person even if that was not his intention (I've seen every Law & Order episode) which is "Murder 2". So that's still murder This isn't a RYV vs. MC2 thing, one doesn't have to win and the other lose. But MC2 Spidey engages in a battle with the Green Goblin that results in the Goblin's death. How is that any less "murder" than RYV killing Venom? I think "defense of yourself or others" is a valid legal defense for "self defense" which is what Spidey did.

  2. Sano

    He kills Eddie Brock. That's what you call murder. And he doesn't kill Green Goblin. Building that took Peter's leg did that. They were fighting in said building, it came down. In RYV he made a conscious decision to kill Eddie Brock. Completely different. Also in MC2, MJ is not a Super-Hero. Wearing a horrible costume. Taking her kid in around in another stupid costume with a protective helmet. MC2 wins! :P Well RYV issue 1 can prove me wrong but guess we'll see.

  3. hornacek

    @Sano I wouldn't say that RYV Peter "murdered" anyone. He was put into a situation where he had to kill Venom in order to keep his family safe. Any other action would have put them at risk. But if you want to get technical, doesn't the MC2 universe break off from 616 continuity during The Final Chapter battle between Spidey and the Green Goblin where the Green Goblin dies? So wouldn't that make Spider-Man just as much a murderer as RYV Spidey?

  4. Sano

    I told you guys that the MC2 Spider-Girl world was a better future than RYV. No Peter Parker murdering anybody there. So nyah nyah nya nyah nyah! Lol! Seriously though, MJ being a hero is weird but I'm still looking forward to this series.

  5. Al

    @Jason: Realistically I agree, but in fairness countless superheroes have impractical elements to their suits like that. I mean Robin’s costume makes no sense for stealth or frighteneing criminals. I get that making MJ a hero avoids the ‘she’s useless’ argument but there are better ways to disprove that without having her do that. It’s not like Spider-Man’s life as a hero is the be al end all of the series anyway and never was. There are now 2 Lois Lanes. Pre-Flashpoint Lois who is a normal woman and works as a journalist and is also Superman’s wife and the Nu52 Lois who has powers. @ Xander VJ: Annie isn’t impervious to harm and even if she was more resistant no parent would be aokay with their kid swinging through the city unprotected like that. So I follow the reasoning but don’t like the look. Similarly MJ’s suit looks too similar to Peter’s. White and red is nice but the look isn’t MJ. The Spider-Man costume honestly doesn’t work well on the female figure generally speaking so something like the Iron Spider suit or Ben Reilly suit would have. @ C-Spider31: I think people are more annoyed Mj isn’t a normal person which is part of how they like the character.

  6. Javi Trujillo

    @Jason, having just read the issue, I wouldn't say they've made the pre-New 52 Lois a super-hero. As for the New 52 Lois, well, Superwoman #1 is a GREAT issue and it wasn't what I was expecting. I don't wanna spoil anymore. Rebirth Superman is the best the character has been in YEARS. I think I'm gonna wait for the reviews on this series, despite Conway's involvement. Maybe read the trade if it is regraded well.

  7. C-Spider31

    I think everyone's having a bit of an overreaction here. I'm sure we'll be getting just as much of the family dynamic as the superheroing in this series, and I'm just glad that an ongoing with Mary Jane Watson-Parker is coming out again.

  8. Chase the Blues Away

    I really like MJ's costume. Also, we haven't read the book yet. We don't know why MJ suits up and/or if she has powers. I'm guessing she wears a suit so she can keep an eye on Annie without blowing either of their identities. Every panel I've seen from Ryan Stegman fills me with absolute delight, and I already know I love Gerry Conway's take on a married Peter and Mary Jane - I very much enjoyed his stint on Web and Spectacular in the late 80s, and his .1 Spiral issues showed he still has a terrific grasp on who Peter is - far, far better than Slott has ever shown. Since The Incredibles is, in my family's opinion, the best superhero film ever, being compared to it is not a criticism. I can't wait to buy this title, and I haven't paid for a Marvel published book since...hmm, Neil Gaiman's 1602? And that was only because it was Neil Gaiman. Very excited!

  9. Jason

    @Enigma I admit, I'm one of the morons too. I boycotted after the Clone Saga. I regretted it and spent hundreds of dollars filling in my collection. I could save a few bucks and just by the trade paperback, but then I feel guilty about not supporting my local comic shop. I just keep clinging on, hoping things will change one day.

  10. Jason

    Lois Lane is a superhero? What the f&*()? I am so glad I ditched Superman when the new 52 came out. What a travesty.

  11. Jason

    @Enigma The problem is, we're all a bunch of morons who continue to buy the books despite our disappointment month after month. The colonists knew how to conduct a boycott and have their voices heard. People now-a-day just don't care that much to do anything about it.

  12. Enigma_2099

    @Mohammed I got your context right here... The fix is in. THIS is why this book is happening. They see Superman: Lois and Clark as a threat. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. @George Berryman My dear naive little Bear... and I mean that endearingly... remember who's in charge over there. We will NEVER get what we want as long as that's the case. And I refuse to believe anything Marvel spits out. They're still flipping birds t readers in the main book fer chrissakes!

  13. GeorgeEl

    I left the books--all of Marvel--when OMD came out, vowing to return only if it was reversed. So, I feel obligated to buy this book. I'm a fan of the design of MJ's costume, but unsure about whether I want her in costume. It'll be fine if she's not in costume too long. I guess now I have to pony up and by my first comic in almost a decade!

  14. Jason

    I'm with George. The original preview seemed to allude to the Spider-Man we've all been asking for back over the last decade. Albeit an alternate reality, I was looking forward to seeing the old Spidey back in action, Mary Jane married to Peter, and to a lesser extent, Annie. I don't care about MJ being in costume. It's out of character. I liked reading about MJ the actress/model. The wife who supported her husband, even though a part of her hates the fact he risks his life and often puts his family in jeopardy. To put her in a costume seems too Fantastic Fourish, or, dating myself here, Bionic 6 (if anyone remembers that cartoon). I'll likely give it a try, but I'm proceeding with caution.

  15. Mohammed - Post author

    @George Berryman While I understand that a lot of you have reservations about this, the truth is, we don't really know under what context made Mary Jane put on the costume. To me it shows that she is willing to do anything to protect her family and George fromm what I've seen, from the previes Stegman showed us, they're not skimping on the family side of things. So at very least you should give it a chance and see where it goes. I trust Conway, even after what happened in Spiral. so I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Saying that, It does not mean I will stop wanting OMD reversed in the main book, that definitely has to happen. and hopefully if Conway does a great job, as I'm sure he will, I already know Stegman is, it could force Marvel to change their stance on OMD and get rid off and everything that came after. @Andrew C Oh please nothing is worst than BND, ok, maybe OMD. and from the previews of the art stegman has release, the book seems to have a time skip and Annie appears to be in her teens. So I wouldn't worry to much about it.

  16. Andrew C

    Peter endangering his 8 year old kid by letting her play superhero? Pass. Somehow makes BND continuity look better in comparison which I didn't think was possible.

  17. mrread7

    I am looking forward to this series more, but the designs are interesting, but having a full family dynamic in a world where the Avengers are basically all dead and the super hero populace has been cut in half thanks to the Regent. Should be very interesting.

  18. Frontier

    First off, on a design front, I can't say I'm too crazy about the costumes. Annie just looks like a more armored, kid, version of Lady-Spider. And I'm not sure how MJ's outfit is supposed to be "fashionable," especially with her hair in a bun like that. As far as the Parkers all being active Superheroes...well, I'm a little more forgiving of it since RYV is still ostensibly an AU, and they're also operating in a world where most of the hero population has been cut down by Regent so the world could use some new Superheroes. So it's easier for me to accept this direction. Especially with Conway's writing.

  19. George Berryman

    In a world where 'Spider' is already a brand diluted & worn thin by a dozen or more Spider-Hero characters... we get two more. All for the sake of new action figures & variants. My enthusiasm for this just cratered.

  20. hornacek

    @Adam S. That's what I thought the ending was. And if this is an alternate Spidey story, then I'd be interested in that - a world where Spidey is the only superhero left. With lots of fallout of villains from Regent's defeat left over. Just don't bring back Regent. Ever.

  21. Adam S.

    @hornacek The ending didn't explain if the heroes were revived at all. It was a bit vague, but I think the implication was that all of the ones that were captured were dead.

  22. Jack

    You can bet Conway will not allow the old, "MJ is a useless character who just sits home by the windowsill and frets" dart get thrown at this series. Thus, MJ gets powers and participates directly, like Elastigirl. Don't complain too much, or else Marvel will be able to say there's no pleasing you.

  23. hornacek

    Is this series set in the same continuity as RYV? If so, then I'm trying to remember how that series ended - Spidey defeated Regent, but did all the superheroes Regent stole powers from, were they revived? Or were they all dead? If they're all dead, and Spidey is the only hero left, then maybe it might make sense that MJ and Anna would want to be heroes to help fill the void of a world where all the heroes are gone (like after Onslaught). It doesn't change my mind about making them heroes, but at least it would give me a semi-valid reason for them to do this. If not, then it doesn't matter, they can make up whatever alternate reality they want for this book.

  24. Xander VJ

    I'm... not convinced. I don't really care about MJ being a super hero. This is an AU, and she's been one multiple continuities already. But her costume... I don't want to sound disrespectful to Stegman, but it just looks uninspired to me. to me, it looks like an attempt of doing an adult version of Spider-Gwen's costume, except with Spider-Woman's eye mask (well... close enough), instead of a hoodie. And those shoes don't mesh well with the rest of the skin-tight suit. And the idea of Annie's costume... I don't like Stegman's reasoning. If she has Peter's physical resistance, then those pads aren't going to give her much extra protection. If anything, it looks like they would hamper her movements, specially that chest armor. Not a fan of the pigtails either, but I'll give those a pass. It could have been much worse, though. Still, considering Conway will be the writer, I'm still looking forward to it.

  25. herbiepopnecker

    I'm with Hornacek. And don't think MJ's costume is too wonderful. MJ without costume is.

  26. Jason

    Really? I don't want to see MJ as a superheroine. And Annie with those pigtails hanging out? Any baddie will give those a nice tug. Goodbye scalp.

  27. hornacek

    I was really looking forward to this series. Now ... I'm not so sure. I don't like the idea of MJ being in costume on a full-time basis, and I definitely don't like the idea of Annie doing it. How much has she been aged since the end of the RYV mini?

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