Fresh Clickbait: Zendaya Is Playing… Who? (Potential Maybe Spoiler)(Updated)

Zendaya1Umberto Gonzalez (‘El Mayimbe,’ formerly of Latino Review) – who we previously heard confirming Asa Butterfield as Peter Parker on Instagram a year ago (since deleted) – has written a piece at the Wrap stating that… well we’d better put this down below the fold as a public service for the spoilerphobic. (Click below for the clickbaity red meat news of the day!)

Gonzalez is reporting that Zendaya is playing Mary Jane Watson in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming film from Sony & Marvel. His source is “two individuals with knowledge of the project.”

From the Wrap:

Zendaya will be playing long-time Spider-Man love interest Mary Jane Watson in next summer’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” two individuals with knowledge of the project told TheWrap.

Sony declined to comment. Representatives for Marvel and Zendaya did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

For now, take it with a grain of salt. Other sites are taking this and breathlessly running with it as “OMG confirmed!!” while others have taken a more guarded approach and just saying “Hey, dude at the Wrap said this.” Which is how we’re going to report it here unless it’s otherwise officially confirmed. If Zendaya is playing Spidey’s favorite iconic redhead, the recent set pics from Atlanta certainly don’t reflect it.

Hat Tip to Mohammed!

UPDATE – 10:26 PM. “Some guy on Reddit” noticed a tweet that was retweeted by Laura Harrier (playing Liz in the Spider-Man reboot). The retweet, if a true retweet and not Photoshopped for Reddit, indicates that the filmmakers are “staying away from Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy” and focusing on Liz as Peter’s new romantic interest. If this truly was retweeted, the retweeted tweet no longer exists on Harrier’s Twitter page.  Either way, the Reddit post about the retweet that is no longer retweeted doesn’t flat out deny the Wrap’s clickbait.

A Tale of Two Tweets or the Case of the Retweeted Tweet That Got Unretweeted? Heh.

–George Berryman!

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  1. moviefan2010

    for me the biggest issue is the report originally came from elmayibe and if you know his history with scoops over the years. His marvel ones have been pretty much wrong more then right. Then on top of the reports of her being boring, unkempt and messy and someone who you wouldnt look twice at. Does not sound like how i like to see mj done. Also with liz, and flash already race bent, and potential changes to shocker if reports are true(race bent villains i am more ok with). I just couldnt see marvel really doing it to this big and important character. More so with how fans are and for the branding of the character.Personally i rather have mj and gwen held off for first film and brought in during a sequel and at that point play with those romantic loves and trails and what not. I rather see mj done right then what this rumor take sounds like.I also would like to see mj if she was to be in the film to just be a cameo role. Have her be set up for peter date to homecoming dance set up by may. Cause peter couldnt land a date. And we set up through the film may wanting peter to meet mj and how she is a nice girl and all that. But peter kept saying no or got to busy with school or spidey stuff. And then he is shocked to see mj, and the school mates are shocked to see peter arrive to the dance with a date and a date who is a hottie.

  2. tickbite

    I think this is legit, very cool und very unfortunate that it got spoiled. The way to introduce MJ is to tease her throughout the movie before we meet her just as Peter does. "Face it tiger" ... if they want to go that route ... should come as a surprise. Michelle Gonzalez is a character that does not fit at all into that movie. It's being described as high school, John Hughes, etc. how does a room mate of a detective fit into this?! Anyway, she looks perfectly fine to be a super model kind of girl to bookworm Peter. Could be interesting ...If only they had kept her completely off the publicity until about a week before release. THAT'S how you generate buzz!

  3. Frontier

    Now it's being suggested that she's not playing "Mary Jane" Watson, but that she goes by "MJ."

  4. Spider-Matt

    I highly doubt this is true. The footage description and the cast's description of her character seems to point to her actually being Michelle Gonzales.However, I think Zendaya could pull the role off, but I'm going to be pissed if she doesn't have red hair.

  5. George Berryman - Post author

    tnr - I saw that last night but he wasn't acknowledging it as a fact so much as engaging in the usual social justice warrior schtick. He did the same rant about the Human Torch and also Spider-Man at one point (who wasn't cast with a non-white actor).

  6. Jeremy

    Zendaya has described her character as being kind of dry and boring (at least from what I've seen). I hope that isn't how MJ is portrayed in the movie. Also, don't portray her in the way Slott has written her. Please Marvel

  7. xonathan

    So they're Khan-ing and Blofeld-ing MJ's identity huh? Because that worked so well in those films...

  8. Xander_VJ

    There are more and more people talking about it as if it was supposed to be a revelation at the end of the movie. Probably a post-credit scene, like many fans were asking for. those pictures where she appears with an unkempt appearance are supposed to hide her true colors. You know, some sort of twist to hide her identity before the "Face it, Tiger" moment, like when they covered her face during her appearances during the Ditko era. Hidden in plain sight, if you will.My only gripe with this is the red hair. I'm sorry, but MJ's red hair is just too iconic. It'd be like getting Spidey's costume wrong. To a much lesser degree, granted... but still to a significant one.I'd be willing to give it a pass if she dyes it, though. It'd be difficult to pull off without feeling fake, but the MCU has surprised me several times before, so I can easily be open minded here.

  9. Frontier

    Oh George, you and your clickbait...wasn't expecting you to be the one to report on this. The site has generally been pretty behind on most of the casting news for Homecoming, though it makes sense this one would make it through.I think they might save Zendaya dyeing her hair for the "Face it Tiger..." moment at the end of the movie.If she is playing MJ, I could see her doing well in the role (so long as the writing holds up).

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