Spider-Woman #10 Review (Spoilers)

detail (4)Last time around, I praised Spider-Woman for tying into Civil War 2. Jessica’s best friend heads up one side of the conflict, while her ex is responsible for something pretty heinous in the third issue. Add in her background as a private detective and her hesitation about the whole thing, and she is perfect for vetting Ulysses’ visions. So how does the vetting  process go? Check it out below (Spoilers for Civil War #3 follow)

Spider-Woman #10: Mythbusters

Writer: Dennis Hopeless

Artists: Veronica Fish (figures) & Javier Rodriguez (layouts)

C.Artist: Javier Rodriguez

Color Artist: Rachelle Rosenberg

Letterer: Travis Lanham

Editors: Devin Lewis & Nick Lowe

Editor-In-Chief: Axel Alonso

14138030_1271169366257378_1001483823432300032_oConfirmed: Jessica Drew’s investigation into the predictions from Inhuman cognitive, Ulysses, leads her across the country from Black Bolt’s quiet room to Ohio. It even sends her to the Blue Side of the Moon, where each and every one of Ulysses’ visions come true. However, while visiting an antique store in Tucson, Jess believes she has found a vision untrue until it unfolds before her eyes. Jessica forces herself to eat some crow and call Carol about her perfect pre-cog, when she is interrupted by the news Clint Barton has executed Bruce Banner off of one of Ulysses’ visions. The issue ends with Jessica turning her back on Carol.

Right Place, Right Time: This issue serves as an excellent second chapter in the Civil War 2 tie-in, while also setting the stage for what is to come next, creatively, by bringing Veronica Fish to work on Javier Rodriguez’s layouts. Addressing the Civil War aspects first, this issue builds very nicely off the last. This time around, Ben Urich is used in the main support with Roger in a much more auxiliary role like Ben was last issue. We have not had an issue focus so much on the Ben/Jess relationship in awhile (not since before Daredevil Season Two) and they have some great banter together. Ben is used as an optimistic outlook to Jess’ cynical one, despite having shades of cynicism as well. Carol is also relegated to just a few panels this issue, so I feel the big Jess/Carol conflict still lies before us which makes sense; bring Roger and Ben into focus first so we can have Carol towards the climax. No Gerry this issue, but considering where Jessica travels, that makes sense.

14107652_1271169162924065_5327595828609228658_oSpider-Woman is always a lot of fun when it becomes a road trip book and this issue is no different. I will say previous road trip issues have been better, but the travel aspect involves a lot of fun cameos like Crystal & Gorgon (of the Inhumans) as well as members of the supernatural Howling Commandos. Hopeless writes them well, giving them some funny moments that don’t steal the scene but add to it. Jessica shines in these scenes and I honestly think Hopeless writes her as the funniest member of the Spider-Family.

14125664_1271169279590720_6203099996926458966_oTurning the focus now to Veronica Fish, I feel conflict. This issue really feels like a trial run for Fish, as she gets to bounce off Rodrgieuz’s layouts. And there is a lot of the usual Spider-Woman tricks in this issue; characters moving through obstacles on the page, the camera locking in on background shenanigans, and characters breaking out of panels. Veronica Fish rises to the challenge, but she is not on Javier’s level. Her characters look great in smaller shapes and she can sell emotion, but her closeups and blow ups do not have the refinement that Javier’s had. Nor does she command the page as well as he does, which is visible in the way characters break panels or fill grids. There is also a full page splash that looks stilted near the end, but the potential for her to get to Javier’s level is there. If Javier brings an A level quality to this comic, Veronica Fish brings a high level B.

14054580_1271169116257403_1148099333262454726_oThe book is also losing its color artist with Rodriguez, but you would hardly notice this issue. Spider-Woman brings back Rachelle Rosenberg, who did the Spider-Women crossover, and while the colors are not as bombastic as Javier’s could get, she does an excellent job with the smaller moments, which is when this book comes to life.

Verdict: While having neither the strongest script nor strongest art this issue, Spider-Woman continues to be a great book. It actually benefits from tying into Civil War 2 this issue, giving a fun issue a much stronger sense of gravitas because of the nature of Jessica’s road trip. The issue flows between fun cameos, fun action, and meaningful relationships with an ease that is admirable. Veronica Fish and Rachelle Rosenberg step up to the plate to fill in Javier Rodriguez’s shoes and while not being MVPs of the Marvel Universe yet, the potential is there.


  • Civil War 2 tie in
  • Use of supporting cast
  • Artistic Team


  • Definite room for improvement




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