Spider-Man Voice Actor Drake Bell Headed To Jail

drakeIt seems Spider-Man will be behind bars for the next four days. Ultimate Spider-Man voice actor Drake Bell has been sentenced to 96 hours in Las Angeles  jail and will be on probation for the next four years. This is Drake’s second conviction according to TMZ. This recent arrest was back in January where he was allegedly swerving and driving 55 in a 35. The report also says Spidey has to attend an alcoholics education program.


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  1. Miro90

    I agree with Neil Bogenrieder, but personally i don't watch "ultimate" spider-man and i don't like Drake Bell's voice and his way of Spidey being played. I like the previous show's like Spider-Man Tas, Spider-man Unlimited and the most of all The Spectacular Spider-Man with Josh Keaton's perfect voice and acting which wasn't tainted like "ulti" toilet humor and IQ that make's Goofy an Einstein among the idiots. I will be not suprised if in future a third DUI happens, so Disney should consider if want to have it's own Justin Bieber in it's show...

  2. Neil Bogenrieder

    Kinda surprised that Disney hasn't cut ties with Drake Bell yet and replaced him as Spidey. We have this image of them as pure and wholesome, and even if they don't drop him because of time restraints, they should have cut him off by now for getting repeat convictions. Bad publicity isn't good publicity.

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