Spider-Man 2099 (Vol. 3) #15 Review

image“So we’ll use her to lure him out…and then I’ll finally have that wall-crawling weasel…and I’ll pay him back for the way he ruined my life.”

Spidey has to take on the X-Men and Power Pack from 2099 if he’s ever going to find Captain America in this altered future reality as Civil War 2099 continues!

WRITER: Peter David

ARTIST: Will Sliney

COLOR ARTIST: Rachelle Rosenberg

LETTERER: VC’s Cory Petit

COVER ARTIST: Francesco Mattina

EDITOR: Charles Beacham

STORY: Power Pack goes to S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ. Strange helps Spidey find Cap. Cap goes to find her husband. Nikola Fury coordinates with Power Pack and Gallows. Spidey arrives at Cap’s last known location, only to run afoul of the X-Men. Cap finds her husband, only to realize he thinks she’s dead and they have no children. Power Pack captures her and reports in to the C.E.O. of Alchemax, who is revealed to be…!image

THOUGHTS: Finally! A cover I can see on the print version! Mattina’s art is its usual striking work, with maybe a subliminal nod to who the C.E.O of Alchemax is if you think about it.

Nostalgia for the old 2099 universe is once again in full effect as we again see old favorites in a new way throughout this issue. Before we board that train though, David opens the issue with Power Pack. My knowledge of Power Pack, be they 2016 or 2099, is pretty slim, but David gives them individual voices that gives you insight into their perspectives. There’s a little dissension in their ranks which is something I wasn’t expecting, but then again, what family gets along all the time?

For fans who remember the Fall of the Hammer crossover, Valhalla has now been converted into the new headquarters of S.H.I.E.L.D., run by the granddaughter of Nick Fury, Nikola. Yes, she also has eye issues, too, as one seems to be cybernetic. She’s also a hero sympathizer, in no small part for how many times they’ve aided her grandfather. She provides a clue to the C.E.O.’s identity, saying his obsession goes back a long, long way.image

Back on Bleeker Street, Strange continues her search for Cap as Spidey waits impatiently. While she works her magic, Spidey tries to get to know his contemporaries. Moon Knight prefers to remain an enigma for Miguel’s well-being (she could tell him, but then she’d have to kill him), but Daredevil doesn’t mind admitting that he has no powers, his abilities all stem from the suit he wears. As Spidey snidely rolls his eyes, DD points out that it was good enough for Iron Man, which earned a smile out of me as Spidey said, “Touche.” David excels at bringing out the humor in Miguel’s cynicism. When Strange finally gets Cap’s location alongside an ex-X-Man, the others bring Spidey up to speed on how Alchemax has exempted them from being punished for their abilities…so long as they enforce those not born with them from using powers.

Before Spidey can reach Cap, Cerebra gives her the address for her husband. Cap declines any company, but Cerebra has Hawkeye follow her, a thread we’ll most likely see next issue. In the meantime, Gallows has spotted where the heroes have gathered and waits for backup. Sliney has Spidey splash page in with a sock to the jaw, taking Gallows out. I smiled again when the Hulk growled, trying to intimidate Spidey, who brushed him off with a “Whatever”.

As the heroes plan their next move, the X-Men attack. I remember their visuals, but never read their 2099 title back in the 90’s. Even still, I was happy to see them. Now I’m just waiting for Doom to show up! I always liked how the 2099 version had that blue cloak. The X-Men get taken down with Spidey realizing he’s wasting time.image

Miguel is correct, as Cap finally finds her husband and it’s not the homecoming she was hoping for. Not only does her husband believe her to be dead, with him feeling guilty for it, but they never had children either. I mentioned it in an earlier review; I know Cap has an indomitable will, but why Spidey let her go to track down her family in an alternate reality I’ll never know, other than we’d have no story. Rescuing them from a reality Miguel is trying to change from 2016 serves no point. Fruitless as it may be for Cap, it does enable Power Pack to finally capture her, bringing us one step closer to the vision Ulysses saw. And that concludes the Civil War II portion of our crossover. Or does it?

Last review, I pondered why the C.E.O.’s identity was kept in shadow. Surely it has to be Tyler Stone! On the comments, Yvonmukluk had a theory that maybe it was the Miguel from Secret Wars 2099. It made a lot of sense to me, especially as Yvonmukluk pointed out that a future cover for Spider-Man 2099 #21 shows TWO Spidey 2099s, one adorned with the old suit and one the new. Despite being a theory I really liked a lot, Peter David had someone else in mind, a long time Spidey foe, J. Jonah Jameson! Seeing JJJ at the issue’s end really caught me off guard, yet somehow it all makes sense, too. I’m not sure how he’s lived to this ripe old age, but everyone knows he hates heroes and it’s safe to assume he’d be aware of different Spideys given Miguel was running around in the Superior Spider-Man title in addition to his own titles, too.

David and Sliney provide their usual strong work, but I just don’t have as much to say about this outing. It was a fine comic and certainly continues to be a great Spider-title. That ending though got me very excited for the next issue and I’m sure all hell will break loose once again! image


JAVI’S HUH?: How did S.H.I.E.L.D. take over Asgard?!?! What do the Thorites think of that? Tell me, Peter David! Please?

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