Spider-Man Actor Passes Away Aged 62


It has recently been announced that actor Bill Nunn, who appeared as Robbie Robertson in all three Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films, has died at the age of 62.

The official announcement was made by his long time friend and collaborator Spike Lee through his Instagram account

“My Dear Friend, My Dear Morehouse Brother- Da Great Actor Bill Nunn As Most Of You Know Him As Radio Raheem Passed Away This Morning In His Hometown Of Pittsburgh. Long Live Bill NUNN. RADIO RAHEEM Is Now RESTING IN POWER. RADIO RAHEEM WILL ALWAYS BE FIGHTING DA POWERS DAT BE. MAY GOD WATCH OVER BILL NUNN.”

Bill Nunn has also appeared in movies such as

Do the Right Thing (1989) as Radio Raheem
Mo’ Better Blues (1990) as Bottom Hammer (Bass)
Sister Act (1992) as Eddie Souther
Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (1995) as Reverend Ellis
True Crime (1995) as Detective Jerry Guinn
Runaway Jury (2003) as Lonnie Shaver

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Here’s a lovely tribute video someone made using bits from his role as Robbie

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  1. Matt Byrd

    How sad this is that we as comic fans lose Peter's really trusted friend at the Daily Bugle who even in the Spider-Man films showed he respecting the man who saved New Yorkers ever chance he got. You know what would be nice is if Marvel had the gusto to thank Bill Nunn for playing Robbie in those movies by having it a story about him in Amazing Spider-Man by him learning Peter's secret and never have it be recon away! We knew he had his supposing days at times in Stan Lee's run...so why the hell not!

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